Cesare's Vitals
Name: Cesare
Race: Vampire
Shortdesc: Average height, black hair, amber eyes.
Position: Political animal.
Fame: Ambition.
Temperament: Calm, Affable.
Themesong: Temptation - Diana Krall
Eric Balfour as Cesare


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Cesare was born in 1575 to one of those peculiar families of the Renaissance whose power transcended borders and was based in several of the city-states of the period. His home was Castile, though he had relatives (and thus often visited) Madrid, Florence and even as far abroad as France for education in his lifetime. He was born and raised with a will to power and a taste for opulence, even though he was a minor son of a much greater house.

Cesare's talents manifested early. He was the best falconer and hound-hunter of his generation in the family. There was never a horse that he couldn't break and more than a few that simply yielded to him because he fostered a trust with the beast. It was perhaps inevitable that such a young man, with the courtly skills of intrigue, poisoning, scandal-mongering and rumor-gathering would end up as a minor functionary in the court of Castile as master of the hounds and falcons. And it was in that glittering whirl that Cesare caught the eye of a vampire.

A dusky 'emissary for Far Hind', India, she was of the Padma line and found the looks, manners, ambition and skill with animals of the young courtier interesting. As time went on and Cesare matured from a callow boy to a seasoned veteran of the quiet and deadly battles of court, she decided to make him hers. And she did. And thus the equerry and nobleman, spy and courtier, son of the rich and scion of power passed from his mortal life. But unlike most, Cesare was born into another physical life. And a much, much more cutthroat court.

Being born and bred on politics, he was invaluable to his Master, traveling with her across Europe for the next two hundred years. But all the while, Cesare was growing in power and ambition. And when he say his chance, he took it. It was something of a coup in the vampire court of Avignon, where they resided at the time, as the young vampire became a Master and his Master was edged out of her seats of power to go into voluntary exile in disgrace.

With the rise of the new world, Cesare was seeing a potential for power that was unmatched. And thus he traveled. First to Mexico City for well over a hundred years and then rising through the ranks in Boston to make himself invaluable to the Master of the City there. While there, he heard tales of Chicago and it's current leader from vampires who had immigrated from that city. Sensing a chance to finally take a city of his own, he has immigrated to Chicago to begin amassing a power-base and fulfill the next step of his long journey through night and power.

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