Chantel's Vitals
Name: Chantel Baker
Race: Lion
Shortdesc: Blonde and grey eyes
Position: College student
Fame: {$Fame}
Temperament: Flirty, light hearted and proud.
Themesong: Iggy Pop - Real Wild Child
Taylor Swift as Chantel Baker


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Born in the early eighties to the great grand-daughter of Chantel, a lioness of Chicago who rose to infamy as a bootlegger and criminal mind of her time, it was perhaps inevitable that I would be fascinated by both of her lives. My mother, a starched society woman with her hair so firmly restrained that you could hit it with a sledgehammer and it wouldn't budge, disapproved so much of her great-grandmother that my fascination with her was an act of rebellion. Her diaries, her photographs of her heyday were mana from heaven for a bored and angry teenager. We were the same size - still are - and her dresses fitted me perfectly, hugging the few curves I had and showing off my legs. A flapper reborn perhaps.

It was hardly surprising that my first act at college was to seek out the local Pride and get to know a few of the more outrageous members. I got to know them very well, and one of them more than the others but a scratch between friends - well it can change a life. Stupid but there is it. Infected as a lion, just like my great-grandmother, at the age of 20. I kept it a secret from my mother and definitely from my father, both of whom might not see the humour in the situation, and I studied hard. Less so on the degree I'd chosen for college and more on the skills and control I needed. If I was going to follow her path I was going to do it well. I did cheerleading and gymnastics, purely for the physical skills they taught. I studied music and theater formally, and I plan to put that into use. Politics? No, I think not, but I think crime pays… or so my great-grandmother told me. Society is full of women in shiny jewels and my fingers itch at my mother's type of party. Afterwards? I slip out and just visit them, picking up the merest trifles here and there. A diamond of the first water.



  • Brand - An odd sort of relationship between the two.
  • Grayson - Don't turn your back, we'd kill each other as soon as spit.
  • Amadeus - A lion male, almost feral. Chantel is bemused by his directness at times.
  • O'Day - A childhood friend. The Rex.
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