Char(acter) Gen(eration)

Chargen, or character generation, on Windy City MUX could be a lengthy process if you're unprepared. In CG you are required to set the apparent age, actual age, name, sex, and suchlike for your character right off the bat. After that you need to work on your stats and skills. Each person has 120 Stat points and 100+<apparent age> Skill points. Please read Stats and Skills for more information on these. NOTE: Most preter-type characters will have some Stats boosted to reflect the "lifestyle change"later on in the Preternatural CharGen rooms. When in normal CharGen, set the Stats to how they'd be if they were still human.

After this comes your background. This section needs to be lengthy enough to give staff an idea of where you character comes from, what motivates him or her, and why they're in Chicago. This is also the place where you demonstrate your knowledge of the theme. Generally, this is the most difficult part of character generation and the most time intensive. Having a good idea of what kind of character you'd like to play before you enter chargen is advised.

The next phase of CG is setting up your +info and +finger. This information is used to give generic background information for your character that can be used by other players for possible RP hooks. There are also added bits one might want to toy with, like +scent and +language and all. Please see Help Files for details.

After that, you are done with human chargen and just need to be approved. In leaving the Middle Room of CharGen, a +bbpost was made to let Staff know you are awaiting their attentions.

If you want to see what it'll look like: CharGen Steps

Preternatural chargen is slightly different. Please first read the news file(s) for your character type for a preternatural type before going through normal human CharGen. If you haven't already worked out details with Staff, please avail yourself of the '+preter <details>' command to give Staff an idea of what you're aiming for before you start setting Preternatural Abilities. NOTE: This command only works in the End Room of CharGen. After that point, you'll be set up with Power and even more points to spend on magical Abilities (and/or higher Stats and/or higher Skills) in an extra bonus CharGen room or two. If the appropriate staff aren't on while you're doing this part, it might take an extra day or two before all the paperwork is in order. If more than three days go by in a row without hearing a reply from the appropriate staff, feel free to enlist the aid of the inappropriate staff.

Folks in a position of power (leader of a were-type, Vampire "Master of the City", Mayor, Chief of Police, etc..) are known as 'features' and have their own file…'news features'. At the other end of the scale are the non-personal characters (AKA: NPCs), and are covered in NPC. The NPC CharGen is faster and doesn't require waiting on staff, but gives one less points to work with. Again, see NPC for details.

Please Note: Vampires? Odds are, your character has not met anyone in the Parisian Council, and it's a safe bet they haven't met anyone who has met anyone in the Parisian Council. The Council is just a few folks who really don't head out of the Musee Carnavalet often, much less Paris, and tend to send "lackeys" for information dispersal and retrieval.



News Files

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