Chargen Staff

Set Power, &POINTS, &TAGS, and &RACE (unless they're to be a normal human — CharGen already set their &RACE to Human by default). If they're to be normal, just +approve. If they're to be funky, set the above things and let them go at it (no need to @teleport or +approve or anything until they're fully finished). Power is set with '+setstat Larry/Power=10'. You might want to check '+tags/help'

Vampire PCs

For a VAMPIRE, set the Power to 20-35 or 35+, and their RACE to Vampire. Include 'vampire', their bloodline, and if they're a Master to their TAGS, and set a &POINTS line on them of Power + <Time as a vampire> + <Time studying under a mentor and/or peers>. Use +ytp <time> to work out the numbers with <time> being years.

Shapeshifter PCs

For a WERE-THING, set their Power to 15-25 or 25+, and their RACE to Shapeshifter. Include 'shapeshifter', their critter-type, their funky critter-type-name, and if they're an Alpha to their TAGS, and set &POINTS like for vampires. Cursed shifters have a CURSED tag that goes with SHAPESHIFTER. Cursed Shifter Power is between 10 and 20.

Fairy PCs

For a FAE, &POINTS will be twice Power. See 'news magical ability' for Power reference. They can also get funky with +cnotes. Just have 'fae' for both the RACE and the TAGS. Full-Fae will not have more than 20-25 Power.

Psychic & Sorcerer PCs

For a MAGIC/PSYCHIC HUMAN, set the appropriate TAGS and Power. &POINTS use the same standard as with Vampires and Shifters. See 'news magical ability' for Power reference. They can get frisky with +cnotes, too.


The Stat boosting for Vampires/Shapeshifters/Fae is dependent upon having that as their &RACE. Please take the time to be sure it is listed (redundantly) in -both- &TAGS and &RACE before they enter Preter CharGen. If you +approve them before they hit Preter CharGen, they won't be able to enter it.

Power-suggestions for Vampires and Shifters can be checked with "+spin/<race> <name>". These are just suggestions.

In theory, the commands y'all will need are some of the ones under '+tags/help' (namely, +tags/set and/or +tags/add), '+setstat <name>/Power=<number>', '+setpoints <name>=<PreterPoints>', and '+setrace <name>=<race>'. If things go really badly, try '+xp <name>=<+/- amount>' They can also be tossed back to the previous stat-setting room with '+restat <name>' (presuming they're in The End, and thus have a stat-setting room to go back to)

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