Charity's Vitals
Name: Charity Lynn Ross
Race: Were-Rat
Shortdesc: Woman with average build, Brown hair and green eyes.
Position: Biker
Fame: None yet
Temperament: One Tough Cookie
Themesong: Meredith Brooks "I'm a Bitch"
Lena Headey as Charity Lynn Ross

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Charity is a biker all the way. She's recently arrived from San Fransisco on her good looking customized, yet worn looking, Harley kind of leading about four other motorcycle riding women. All are said to have seperated from an all woman MC club.

Recent Happenings - Charity and her Gang were forced against thier will to help the now dead Rat King, Eric. Charity was the leverage used to get the biker girls to do what he want. After the death of Nadal and a few other unknowns (NPCs) Eric decided to secure the girls even tighter to him by infecting Charity with Lycanthropy. So while Charity was locked away and dealing with being a brand new were rat, Eric and her girls went after Maeva. It wasn't too long after that, that Eric infected the rest of the girls so that his guard would be complete. However, they went up against Darius and Dakota while they were still human. Charity desperate to get help for her girls decided surrender was the best coarse rather then blasting at the police that blocked their way. However, the legal wheels turn too slow and Charity's girls didn't get the help they needed. They shifted for the first time while in jail.

The Verdict - After weeks in the holding cells, the verdicts for the girls were finally handed down. Charity got off luck with only Parole and a fine. However, two of herr girls were sent to shifter homes and the other two executed for thier crimes. So now Charity riddle with guilt on the fate of her girls is trying to cope with who she is and how to fit into society again.

Known Associates

Player Characters
Jack- Rat King - Helped her get out of that jail cell.
Pierce - Gonna fatten up Charity she keeps it up. Even if she is a shifter.
Marcus - Swarm member.
Eric - Dead- She calls him 'The Sewer Czar'. She's already stuck a knife in him once.

These four women were often found with Charity. They are all now gone in one way or another.
Pixie - Locked away - One of Charity's small gang. Long black hair, Heavy eyeliner and very short. A follower.
Tammy - Executed - Nother of Charity's small gang. Big woman weight lifter. Good in hand to hand not a great shot.
Elly - Executed - Third of Charity's gang. Fiery red hair, bad temper. Acts before she thinks often.
Missy - Locked away - Last member of Charity's gang. Short spiky blonde hair with red tips. Great with a knife.

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