Charles Hopkins
Charles Hopkins's Vitals
Name: Chief Charles "ChooChoo" Hopkins
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Late 40s, tall, mustached, greying hair, African American.
Position: Chief of Police, CPD
Fame: All-Star running back for the Florida Gators
Emit: Staff
Danny Glover as Chief Charles "ChooChoo" Hopkins


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Born Feb 5th, 1964.

A Chicago native who went to school at the University of Florida (B.A. in Criminology). He earned his nickname as an All-Star running back for the Florida Gators who helped lead them to three bowl victories by "blasting his way through blocks and tackles like a choo-choo train." He was nearly an NFL draft pick, but he decided to return to Chicago and join the police department instead. A cop since 1985 who earned his captain's bars around 2003, he has made noises that he might retire around 2013 or so.

He is hard-assed about procedures but likes to stay out of his squad's way, seeing his job mainly as running interference with those upstairs so that his people can do their jobs. His wife is a registered nurse, and he has two daughters (one graduating from high school this year, another in her sophomore year at Rice). He takes medication for high blood pressure and has to deal with troublesome knees, old eyes (he started to need reading glasses a few years ago), and a real suspicion for any technology more sophisticated than a telephone.

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