Charles Baxter's Vitals
Name: Charles Baxter
Race: Caucasian Werewolverine
Shortdesc: Well built man, somewhat tall, with light hair and dark eyes and normally dressed in darker colored clothing.
Position: Independant Alpha
Fame: No real fame to speak of.
Temperament: Quiet, often gruff or grumpy, but polite
Themesong: {$Themesong}
Gerard Butler as Charles Baxter

Other Shifters

General: Firefighter with the CFD. Clean cut and keeps to himself, sometimes to a fault. New to town as of early 2005; arrived from out west, somewhere.

Shapeshifter Yea, he's a Shapeshifter. Of the wolverine breed, no less. It's likely known that he usually has little to do with the Shifter community for one reason or another, but he's always willing to help with something if asked. He is also the 'Alpha' for the Independent group.

Vampire He isn't too fond of a great many vampires, and he isn't shy about letting it be known. He does seem to be on rather good terms Koray, however, as well as another one or two of the 'fangs'.

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