Chateau Du Fumant
Chateau Du Fumant's Information
Type: Hookah Bar
Rating: 5 Stars
Location: 636 Throop Street
Fame: N/A
Atmosphere: N/A
Owner(s): Unowned
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): N/A


Chateau du Fumant is a quiet and understated hookah bar.



Simple and understated, the establishment offers little save for a counter, tables, quiet instrumental music in the background, and an oasis to allow one to savor smokeables. Low stone tables barely two feet off the ground dot about the hardwood floor, each surrounded by a few even lower 'seat' things: a sheet of wood a foot and a half by two feet, atop stout legs a foot high with a short leather-padded arm rest on one side. In the center of each table stands a tapered glass jar, topped with a brass mantle and smoking tubes. The walls are covered in white linen sheets, and the ceiling sports many slowly spinning fans.

At the short bar counter off alongside the door in, one can rent a ceramic 'bowl' to hold the tobacco or herbal mix that one buys or provides, as well as plastic pitchers of filtered spring water (with fruit extract essences additives optional) with which to fill the hookahs. Water, milk, tea, coffee, fruit juices, and wine can also be purchased (the last with proper ID) in wide low rocks glasses that match the style of the furniture in the squat build, as well as dried fruit, granola, and breads.


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