Chayim Animation
Chayim Animation's Information
Type: Special Interest
Rating: 5 Stars
Location: 774 Grand Street
Fame: NA
Atmosphere: Professional
Owner(s): Roderick Hawke
Manager(s): NA
Employee(s): NA

General Information

Chayim Animation deals in the reanimation for discerning clients, they deal with such sensitive manners in a professional and caring manner. They boast an expert staff that is able to deal even with the most difficult situations, because of their extensive training. Come see us for all your animation needs.

Walk-ins are welcome
Regular Office hours: 9am-5pm
Animator(s) hours: Flexible to meet client's needs


The business you enter is still recovering from it's transition of ownership. The desks are still shiny, the upholstery still perfect, the computers barely out of their boxes; the floor, and the walls, and everything else is clean. The only thing the place has of the previous management is the sound system, which plays soft classical music, often pieces dealing with Orpheus if you are perceptive enough to notice
The room you stand in, the main room of the business and home to the secretary and the waiting room, is upholstered in nice and soothing shades of blue and green. Apparently the owners thought it would be a little bit too tacky for it to be done in all blacks or reds; but apparently they thought a nice black carpet was good (hides coffee stains, you know). The chairs are nice blues and greens, and the cream colored walls hold tasteful pieces of art.
The desk the secretary sits behind is made of white marble, or at least a white marble veneer, and topped with a black marble slab top. You can see a computer peaking out over the top of the slab, obviously there is a lower desk part. On the top of the slab is a plaque proclaiming the name, as well as business cards. 'Chayim Animation. Roderick Hawke, Animator.'
You see off on the sides three offices, apparently belonging to a couple of Animators. But it looks like only one of them is occupied at the moment; all three have computers in them, but only one has anything on the desk to signify someone being there.


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