Chazz's Vitals
Name: Chandler 'Chazz' Monroe III
Race: Werewolf
Shortdesc: Glasses and nervous
Position: Photojournalist
Fame: Moderate reknown as a cityscape photojournalist
Temperament: Nervous when not behind a camera
Themesong: {$Themesong}
Unknown as Chandler 'Chazz' Monroe III


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General — A known photojournalist with many of his phenomenal city pieces having been published in magazines across the world. His earlier work included amazing natural landscapes including rainforests and jungle ruins, but his focus seems to have changed away from them.

Police — Several years ago, Chazz was brought back to the US under the care of the US Embassies. Apparently he had been apart of an international incident in which he became infected with the wolf-strain shifter virus. As a result, he is a registered shifter and his passport is flagged should he attempt international travel (not restricted, but he would be monitored).

Wolf — A young wolf, Chazz isn't fond of the wilderness. He also seems to have an uncanny knack for bringing focus to other wolves strengths and is rather spiritually strong.

RP Hooks

- Need photos of something? Chazz is your man. He may be nervous in many situations, but when it comes to the camera, he is practically unmatched.

- Social play of any type. He's not likely to hit any of the clubs, but coffee shops, art galleries, cafes? All of them are a plus.

- Less than perfect? Unsure of yourself? Great! You'll fit right in. Come find me!

- Has focused a lot in the past on the spiritual side of being a wolf (munin, focus, etc), have an interest in the area?


Cherish — The first he met on his arrival to the city. Her words intrigued him, and terrified him.
Robert — There is a deep respect for Mr. Moye, and his acceptance has strengthened the young man.
MaryJane — Officially he met her during the first Lupanar. The next day, he was seen at the mansion with her.

The other pack members will be added as he gets to know them.


- Arrived in Chicago, met Cherish, Selene and Robert within his first day.
- Attended his first Lupanar, meets MJ and many other pack members


The past is the past, and for some, that's where they prefer to leave it. Chazz is one of those like that. As Chandler Monroe III he was an average everyday kid. Maybe a little smarter than his classmates, certainly a bit more of a geek than some, but he wasn't horribly unpopular or anything. He had his friends, his enemies, and all those other things growing up. He spent most of high school working in the school's dark rooms, and his time on the back of the camera ensured he was always around those who were 'good to know', even if he wasn't one of them. Decent grades got him through to college, and he allowed himself to be distanced from his family and the like.

College was much the same for Chazz, Staying happily in the background while focusing on his photography. While he did some work on people, most of the photos were of natural or city landscapes. His first pictures got published while he was at college, and he slowly began to make a name for himself. During the summers he didn't return home, instead joining university classmates on international mission programs and wandering through the South American rain forests working on his own photography while they were saving souls. It was during one of those trips that his life would change forever.

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