Chelli Davenport AKA TinyRat's Vitals
Name: Chelli Davenport
Race: Sort of a were-ratty thing.
Shortdesc: 5'7, shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes
Position: Student
Fame: None
Temperament: Quirky; Out going
Themesong: Food, Glorious Food!
Emma Roberts as Chelli Davenport


Only Mel could come up with this one


Warning: Watch this video may make you run off and scream insane things. :D


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Student who works at the local McDonalds.
Sports: Chelli is working to excel in sports, especially Swimming. She has won a few swim medals in High School and would love to be in the Olympics.

Growing up

She was born into an upper middle class family in Chicago. Became the Popular girl in school, was into sports and academics. Excellent grades. An only child, so she was pampered and spoiled more than she should have been. Growing up and expanding. Chel took on friends like a duck takes to water. She always had her little 'klik' and boyfriends. She went into Cheer leading, wrote a little for the school paper, but sucked at journalism and dropped out early.

Being popular with a decent fashion sense as a growing teenager, didn't hurt either. She wasn't quite the 'Buffy Valley Girl', but she could have fallen into that trap. Instead, her intelligence weighed out a bit more and her sports addictions took over. Now, at 17, she is still voted most Popular in her class. Her graduation will be coming up as she hits her Senior year soon.


I was like so not prepared for this, y'know? I mean who really is, or say the are?
I am never going to find shoes that fit and the Winter sales will be coming up soon!


Those People

  • Eric - RPU - Rat Parental Unit - I so don't need this.
  • Emerald - Scary! With a capital 'S'.
  • Amalia - Pink hair and red clothes?! Who taught this woman to shop!
  • Pierce - A great cook and someone Chel can talk too.
  • Drake - Hunky kickboxer.
  • Rian - Really picky about her floors!
  • Jack - Big guy. Quiet. Likes to chop vegetables.
  • Mischa - Cool lady.
  • Gage - Cool lady's guy. But, kinda mean.
  • Johnathan - Gigolo.
  • Javier - Nice guy, so far.
  • Catherine - Fun times!


Eric to TinyRat: "Okay, look. I'm going to try something. I swear to god, if you turn out to be an old Indian woman, I'm going to run away screaming."

From your Cellphone, Drake frantically protests, "Nonono! I just had to take a second to deal! Kind've unique, the whole french-fry-rat-thing! When I came back, you were gone! I'm sorry! I took a lot longer than I should'a! It's fine! I can get one of those little spinny wheel things, and the complications can work themselves out!"

Catherine to TinyRat: "I'll take that either as a 'yes' or a 'my blood alcohol level has reached astronomical levels due to change in mass and I can't move'," Catherine mutters. She closes her hand firmly over over the rat's body, then skitters out from under the table, brushing herself off.

When in doubt? Go shopping!




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