Cherish's Vitals
Name: Cherish Lexine Roseworth
Race: Lukoi
Shortdesc: Dark hair, tan skin, slim.
Position: None
Fame: Cherish aka Lex has contributed to several computer programs that teach languages. Also she is known to help break down the language barriers for political parties and translates books.
Temperament: Passionate, intelligent and charming.
Themesong: Beautiful Monster — Ne-Yo
Megan Fox as Cherish Lexine Roseworth


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

+Who is Cherish?

  • Cherish aka Lex has helped with several computer programs that teach languages (think Rosetta Stone). For those who are into the political scene, she is often sought out for breaking down the language barriers between parties. Lex also translates books on the side, helping all types to enjoy literature in their own native tongue.

Cherish and Art of the Computer

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