Cheveyo's Vitals
Name: None that is spoken
Race: Fae
Shortdesc: A clearly Native American man, tall and leanly built with long black hair.
Position: Drifter
Fame: May be known amongst those that have been in the country for more than a century or two.
Temperament: Usually fairly open and free with people, though he is often soft spoken he is not shy in the least.
Themesong: Looking for one
Hawk Prince by AutumnsGoddess as None that is spoken


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: A drifter of sorts, usually doesn't settle anywhere for long. He's come to Chicago for the time being as of Spring 2010.

Fae: A native American spirit known little to the Fae, though knowledge of him is out there, just very little of it. He was a terror to the settlers when the pioneers were invading the Americas, and all the way through the old west and the civil war, before he suddenly disappeared for over a century.

Vampire: Stormy's Pomme de Sang.



The young man in front of you can't be mistaken for anything but native american. He stands about six foot 2 and has a nice well muscled, athletic build, giving his body a long lean look to it. His skin is a deep tan in color, almost chestnut one might say. The intriguing thing about the man's skin, is his entire body is covered in an incredibly realistic feather pattern, lines and shading sprawled across his skin slightly darker across his back while lighter to the chest, the pattern and colors reminiscent of those belonging to a hawk. The feathers look so realistic, they seem as if they might fluff beneath a touch to be felt instead of warm skin.

His long silky hair is straight, and jet black. It hangs long and thick nearly to his waist when left unbound, but it is usually tied back with a leather cord with a beaded tassel hanging from it. His face is sharp featured, though a tad rugged from exposure to the elements, and on the good side of handsome. He has well defined cheekbones, his face lent a lean look by his cheekbones, and equally well defined jawline. His lips are somewhat thin, though not enough to be noticeable. His nose is smaller than most Native Americans, but sharp and distinctive, adding to the man's overall lean appearance. When he smiles his teeth are nice and straight and pleasantly white. His eyes though are simply not human. At first glance they can be mistaken for such, the steely grey orbs though, upon a slightly closer inspection osculate rapidly, too rapidly to be human, the pupil swelling and narrowing as his gaze moves around.. He moves with a natural grace, each movement flowing from one to the other.

His clothing is plain but functional. On his upper body he wears a simple black tanktop, the color going well with his chestnut skin tone. But it also shows off that very intriguing feather pattern on his skin. The tanktop hugs tight to his lean sculpted body, showing off the eight pack abs beneath the shirt when he moves, and the nice definition of chest and shoulders. The hem of the tanktop is tucked down into the waistline of his pants. He wears a pair of simple dark brown leather pants, they look well worn and used, wrinkles in the leather at the sides of his knees and at the hip joint. They fit snugly to his legs, showing off his lean form, but also allowing him a good degree of movement within them. They loosen a bit down around his calves to fall over the tops of a pair of sturdy brown leather hiking boots. Thick rubber soles quiet his movement, while maintaining a solid grip on the ground underfoot.

He does wear some jewelry, testament to his heritage as much as his looks are. A few strands of his hair near his temples have beads braided into them, the strands of hair done into tight little braids, still long enough to be pulled back with the rest of his hair. Around his neck he's wearing a simple braided leather cord, it's got beads woven into it's braiding, colors alternating in random patters, and at the center hanging point of the chord is a little wooden coin with the image of a hawk on it.


These two pics are from The profile picture is 'the hawk prince by AutumnsGoddess'. The gallery picture is HAWK by Pantoja.

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