Marshal Ian Jamison (Chewie)
Marshal Jamison's Vitals
Name: Marshal Ian Jamison
Race: Were-leopard
Shortdesc: A tall, dark haired man wearing a kilt
Position: Ex-Nimir-Raj of the Chicago Pard, Bodyguard for Hire
Fame: None
Temperament: n/a
Themesong: Everybody Wants to be a Cat
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WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland

Early life: Marshal never had much of a family life, and it's unknown if his parents are still alive, or if they've passed away. He never completed any school, finding himself a child of the streets early in life. There, Chewie gained his best friend Han Spezzo. Co-Founder of the Southside Brawlers, a rough group of street thugs, who made a living in the less then legal way. Street fights between rival gangs were the normal way of life, and lead directly to Chewie's infections at the hands of a member of a rival gang member. A local friend, and known shifter, noticed some changes about the big Scot, and insisted he join the local independant shifters at the next moon, where Chewie shifted for the first time. He settled in as one of the local misfit shifters, and found himself a life, getting out of the rough and tumble street life for one a bit more structured. Just made sense, given his new 'ailment'. He went on to become a regular bouncer at the club, where he met a woman, a waitress there, named Rachel. They became a steady item, and got engaged, keeping Chewie's infection a secret. Han re-entered Chewie's life, after having spent several years in jail for various offenses, trying to get his life back on track. When he learned of Chewie's infection, he backslid into the seedy unworld, until he struck back at Chewie, guiding his old friend & his fiancee into a trap, where he tortured Chewie, and killed Rachel. Chewie swore vengence upon his old friend, and after recovering from his wounds, started tracking the man, who'd fled to London. This hunt would eventually lead to Chicago.

Chicago 1: (Based off the players recollections of IC happenings) Chewie arrived in Chicago half crazed, railing against his beast, and his inability to kill Han. He was eventually discovered by the Nimir-Ra of the Pard at that time, Isis Dantes, the police chief, who was hiding what she was to keep her position. A powerful lycan, she took the rogue panther, and joined him with her Pard. Under her guidance, Chewie would find peace with his beast, and accept it in a way he'd never truly done before, bringing out the true strength of the shifter, and elevating him to an Alpha. With this happening, Isis, already a part time lover, elevated the Scot to her Nimir-Raj, and attempted to forge a lasting bond with the Scotsman. Chewie's heart never truly healed from Rachel, dooming the relationship, as Chewie could not remain faithful. Isis disappeared, Chewie believing that she'd fled because of his unfaithfulness, but Isis' body was later found in the Chicago River, murdered. He was a suspect for a time before being cleared, and he assumed full control over the Pard as Nimir-Raj. He would take several lovers in the following time, including Penny, a crippled heiress, who begged him to change her into a shifter, so she could regain the use of her legs. Chewie, out of love, did as she asked, and was soon rewarded by Penny, discovering she wasn't an alpha, finding another lover, and leaving the Scotsman, and Nimir-Raj. Strife between the two eventually drove Penny to leave the city, but not before buying the Pard a large piece of property outside the city, and using various connections to make the land seem like a Survivalist Militia compound. Thus, the Pard Lands were born. At some point, he helped subdue an out of control naga, and had many various meetings with a wide variety of vampires. He helped forge the tri-way peace treaty between the three major Shifter groups in Chicago, which held for several years, which also help hold off the incursion of Vampires into the Shifter way of life. Eventually, Antigone Harlow, a long time member of the Pard, who always supported Chewie, and helped sooth the brusque manner of the large Scot, would step up, and become his Nimir-Ra, though the two never became official mates. They were a powerful team together, as Chewie was the brusque, brawl, while Antigone was the calm, calculating policitian. Chewie would eventually meet Maeve McIntyre, the younger sister of Rachel, who came to Chicago for reasons of her own. The two became lovers, driving a wedge between he, and Antigone for a time. The wedge was broken, when Chewie left Chicago suddenly, leaving no real word of where he went, or if he'd be back.

Seattle: Chewie, fueled by Maeve's appearance in his life, was goaded to resume the hunt for his enemy Han, to fulfill the oath he'd taken to avenge Rachel, so many years before. His hunt took him to Seattle, where he finally managed to track Han down. He could feel the blood rolling down his throat, when victory was snatched from him by fate. He was chasing Han down a hallway, his old friend managing to elude him, if barely, to break out a side door onto a fire escape. Han slipped, falling onto the metal of the escape, but the larger Chewie, carrying much more momentum, flipped up over the railing, and fell to the street, breaking his leg. He attempted to straighten himself out, when he was hit by a car, driven by one of Han's bodyguards, incapacitating the Shifter. The next few months are a blur in the mind of the Scot. Han tortured Chewie till the big man fled inside himself, spending more and more time in his animal form to hide from the Hell his world had become. Torturing a cat was no fun to Han, and so he chose to torture Chewie in a new way, by selling the Scotsman to a pair of Vampire lovers as a 'lap kitty'. Chewie's half mad state, and well known fear/dislike of vampires was an effect tool for controlling the man for a time. However, after a particularly harsh night, while the two vampires were entwined intimately, Chewie struck back, ripping the throat out of the male vamp, leaving the female pinned under her thrashing lover. Chewie escaped into the night, managing to avoid any attempts to recapture him.

Chicago 2: In his deranged state, Chewie fled back to the last place he'd felt safe, and secure, Chicago, well over a year after he was last seen there. He wandered the streets for a time as a homeless man, not speaking, and eating only when he needed, until he was discovered, and taken in by an old friend of Maeve's, Nalio. With the help of other friends, the Scot was eventually nursed back to some sembalance of rationality, which has led him to foreswear any connection between himself and the Pard, prefering to attempt to stay on his own, and keep everyone out of the crosshairs of what he's determined is a curse that's been set upon him. He has had a few brushes with the Pard, since his return, leading them to know of his return, but not his current whereabouts. In fact, currently, Chewie's location seems to be a well guarded secret, perhaps the Scot has fled the city yet again?

Was the leader of the primary Chicago-centered pack of were-leopards from late 2000 until replaced by Chance Bishop in February of 2008.

Known Associates:

  • Antigone Harlow
  • Katherine Baron - Mr. Jamison's employer
  • Maeve McIntyre
  • Jeremy
  • Nalio
  • Dyson
  • Han Spezzo (NPC)
  • Isis Dantes
  • Rian
  • Faiella
  • Fiona
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