Chi Vampire

Ignore me!

  • Power: 20-35. No 'master' vampires.
  • Far more dead-looking, although it gets marginally better after feeding (be it blood or personality alt-feeding)
  • Flight (Hopping. One can only keep it up for Ability seconds per jump, but can keep it up like normal Flight)
  • Will-o-wisps (Innate ability. Can either glow, or can have the glow 'detach' into little floating light-balls that can manifest as far away as Power in meters/yards)
  • Control Keratin (Ability = feet of hair, inches of nails. With hair-attacks, Ability = Reflexes & Muscle for the hair's attack)
  • Alt Feeding (Personality)
  • Halved Observation
  • Aversion to the color yellow
  • Compulsion to count physical objects given to them (any and all +rolls on the vampire's part get 10 worse each pose until the counting is done, whether they're mid-counting or trying to hold off counting)

Based on the Jiang Shi

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