Chicago Chronicle
Chicago Chronicle's Information
Type: Newspaper
Rating: Three Stars
Location: John Hancock Building, Michigan Street North
Fame: The major newspaper for the greater Chicago area
Atmosphere: A cacophony of phones ringing, reporters chattering on the phones, editors yelling about deadlines.
Owner(s): Corporate
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): N/A

Floor 10: Chicago Chronicle - John Hancock Building - Michigan Street: North

Organized chaos comes to mind when you look into the set of suites that make up the Chicago Chronicle. There is the bullpen of course where the assistant staff writers sit, answer the phones and write the meat and potato stories for the paper. The reference section where the tidbits are locked away for future searches by the drones of the paper. The computer banks and printers that spew out news from around the world, the clocks above them ticking off the time from Chicago to Tokyo. This is THE newspaper for the City and the surrounding metropolitan area. As one famous newsman once stated: "All the news that is fit to print."

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