Chicago - 1920s
This is a tinyplot set in Chicago in the 1920s.



A normal evening in Chicago. This is a park - any one of many in the city, with coffee houses all around. The skyline is obviously Chicago, and the wires give hints, if you didn't know, of when you are. (Give me your positions and what you are doing, what you have on you.)

Cale is making his way through the park currently. To where he goes is debatable, but his possessions are simple. Besides his street attire, he's got a camera bag slung over one shoulder and his guitar resting on the other. It's a normal, inexpensive six string that has seen a little wear but still looks rather new.

Kombo, by contrast, is out for a run. She's wearing a tracksuit and jogging shoes, a crucifix pendant on a silver chain and a couple of rings, with a belt to which is attached a pedometer and an iPod. She's got a fanny pack containing a few bucks in case of coffee, and a cellphone.

Gwenhwyfar walks through the park, perhaps a bit faster than normal, since her night at the pub has already started and well..she's nto there. YET. Not there /YET!/ Aside from her regular clothes, she's got a worn leather jacket black jacket (kinda motorcycle-ish) and her long Dr. Who-ish length multicolored scarf. Her hands are tucked into her jacket pockets as she walks down the path.

There is a sound like a pop that doesn't draw attention from those few on the street, but in the park, there is a shimmer, a movement of the air as if it were heated. And yet, it is a cold spring evening. As the shimmer clears, Chicago reappears, with its distinctive skyline mostly intact. The sense is that there was a slight earthquake.

Kombo's jogging gains her a casual look from Cale. The sort you give someone you don't know, with a brush of passing curiosity. Gwen gets a bit more attention as he detects her, the hand not supporting his guitar lifting to give her a friendly wave. "Hey there, Gwen," he calls towards her, a casual grin resting easily on his lips. The slight distortion is noted, though Cale seems a bit more confused than troubled, h is eyes flicking around for a few moments.

Kombo staggers a little at the distortion, then skids to an abrupt halt, her eyes going wide as she looks around her. "What in the hell?" Her accent is that of a Chicago native, with a hint of education to it.

Gwenhwyfar cocks her head at the hail, eyebrows lifting in surprise. "Hey!" Lips quirk as she looks him over. "You're out late. Though there's not enough stuff for Kelly to have booted you out." Ok, so she's not /quite/ over the bad meeting but she'll behave from now on. Honest. Her steps slow as she turns to meet him, Kombo's jogging catching her attention a moment before the shift. She jerks in place, a slight stumble before she catches her balance again. "What the…" One hand lifts to run through her hair, confusion in those mismatched eyes as she looks around. "Umm.." Brows furrow. "Wasn't there a building….over there….?"

For the moment, those on the street pass, but it may become more noticeable that the cars are all black, and perhaps there is a show in town since they are all Fords and the like. The clothing of those on the street is historical too, with the women in gloves and hats, and some girls dressed for a night out. A black ford pulls up in front of a restaurant and two men in long black coats get out, one of them lifting his hat politely to a group of women as they pass. They pause by the door, speaking.

Cale smirks at Gwen, though that falters some has her question comes and he glances towards where she's looking. It takes him a few moments, his eyes flitting down to cars. People. Finishing on the sedan and the people who come out. He takes a few steps closer to Gwen. "Huh.." His expression has falling into serious with a lingering hint of uncertainty. "Is there a convention going on that I didn't hear about?"

Kombo looks round, focusing on one thing after another. "Um. This ain't a convention," she says. "Or if it is, well…" She points at a building on the skyline. "That one got knocked down when I was a kid. I don't know what the fu… hell just happened, but we ain't in Kansas any more."

"Though it's dark…I could be mistaken." Gwen drops her eyes to Cale, clearly unsure before they flick to Kombo. She blinks, feet shifting uncomfortably before she zips her jacket up. Not for need of warmth, but for a sense of security. Her eyes move from him and the skyline to the people, darting from one to the other then the cars. "The only men I've seen doff their hats are vampires. A party?" She shifts a bit closer to Cale, mismatched eyes continuing to move frantically over the scene. "This is weird."

The two men keep talking, and a policeman strolls into the park, but he too seems to have adopted the antique style of clothing, his trousers tucked into shiny boots, a gun on his hip and his cap at a cocky angle. He seems to be taking an interest in Kombo in particular, giving her a look that combines cocky with something more unpleasant. "You there!" He beckons to her, pointing at the floor by his feet, a gesture indicating she should come to him, and stand there. Cars on the street pass, moving slowly as the sun sets. A particularly big black car glides around the corner to the road with the windows down.

A glance at Gwen prompts Cale to lift a hand and rest it on her shoulder. A firm squeeze given, meant for reassurance. Though Kombo's words are noted and he looks towards the building indicated. He seems a touch unsure. Perhaps not as native to the area. He's silent a few moments before he looks to Gwen. "Did something happen a few moents ago? Thought I felt something, but.." Then the cop fingers Kombo and his attention shifts to the man, looking his outfit over slowly.

Kombo turns to look at the officer when she's called, and her eyes lower as she obeys the beckoning finger. "Yessir?" Her belt gets discreetly shifted round to keep the technology out of clear sight, and either she's very good at acting or she really is that nervous.

Gwenhwyfar tips her head towards the hand on her shoulder, but her eyes don't move from the scene until the policeman stops. Her voice lowers, not really wanting to catch his attention. Her fingers curl up in the pockets of her jacket, body tense as her eyes flick to the next black car to drive up. "It felt….weird. I didn't /think/ I was drunk before I set out…" Her lips perse before she suddenly looks around. "Shit! I need to get to the pub.."

The officer is clearly about to throw his weight about, pointing at Kombo, opening his mouth to speak. In the background, a man steps out into the twilight, his long black coat and hat in perfect time with his surroundings, and the two men who were waiting step towards him. The bigger car glides past and there is a sound, a rattling, the rat tat tat of an old machine gun being used. The officer turns on his heel, Kombo forgotten as the car speeds off, leaving one man down and the taller newcomer kneeling behind his car, watching the other car leave.

Kombo, out of the policeman's regard, does what she considers to be the sensible thing - she runs away from both the gunfire and the copper. Past Gwen and Cale she darts, hissing, "Quick! Come on!" The iPod is stripped from her arm as she goes, held in the palm of a concealing hand.

"I think you should stay here," Cale says to Gwen softly. "And I don't smell any alcohol on you." His eyes flick towards her, then back towards Kombo and the officer. Then come the gunshots. With Gwen being next to him, it's an obvious choice when he steps to the side and sweeps an arm to move her behind him. His senses snapping onto the source of the disturbance quickly. Kombo's passage gains a lift of his brow and he glances towards Gwen a moment before he motions for her to precede him.

Gwenhwyfar is already shifting back towards the path. "No, the pub's safe. I know the pub." She doesn't know this place. Or the weirdness. Her eyes flick to Cale, a hint of exasperation at the comment of lack of alcohol. SHe jerks at the gun shots, then ashamedly squeaks as Cale shoves her behind her. Fingers grip the back of his jacket, the hiding behind him definitely not ashamed. She peeks warily over his hsoulder when it falls quiet again, eyes flicking as Kombo runs by. Definite want to get back to her house. She waveres, eyes flicking back to the seat before she jogs after Kombo.

The night crisp and great for a walk, Juno saunters, earbuds in her ears as she treks. The sound of the machine gun fire gets through and she reaches tugging the auditory canals free. She flicks her eyes around, clearly looking confused. She inahles, sniffing the air, eyes flicking around the people. A spark od recognition on Cale. "What the fuck" muttered softly as she stands there a bit dumbfounded

The policeman doesn't, as one might expect, run to the victim of the gun fire but he seems to attempt to fade into the background, stepping to avoid the problem, to leave them to handle their own business as he vanishes around a street corner. The man in the black coat moves, preternatural speed giving a brief indication of his nature, as a crowd burst from the restaurant. A name is called loudly in concern, "Mr Capone! Are you hurt?" There is a general hubbub as the injured man is carried inside. The man, so named, pauses to stare after the car, something cold in his face before he too turns to go inside. The few people on the street now are huddled, talking, glancing between the door and the corner where the car has sped off. Night has fallen on Chicago.

Cale will be hot on Gwen's heels once she gets moving, taking up the rear of the escaping trio. And for the moment he seems content to let Kombo pick their direction/destination. His attention is more intent and outward, keeping an eye behind and to the sides a bit, just in case something.. anything decides to complicate things. Juno's words draw his attention and though his recognition of her is light, he motions for her to follow. Whether or not he hears the name shouted out is debatable, but if he does he doesn't focus on it.

Kombo seems to hear the name - either that, or she just picked up speed for no apparent reason at all. To Preternatural senses she's leaving a more than a slight waft of fear in her wake. She's terrified. And absolutely, definitely human.

While preternatural, Gwen is not of the kind that can run especially fast. Her stride lengthens from a jog, though part of her wonders that people running in weird clothes isn't attracting more attention. Maybe things ARE like that movies. "Damn it!" Well, except she still can't run as fast as Kombo. Nor does she try to. "Where are we going?!" Hey, it's a valid question. Gwen's still in the 'wtf things are weird' mindframe, with a bit of 'ahhhh dont' shoot me' for the fun adrenaline kick. If she hears 'Capone' it learly hasn't clicked in her mind for mafia and all that funneww.

Juno's pale eyes flick to the cars, to the folks and their historical looking garb. She mouths the name Capone. She pinches her own arms a few times, her eyes bewildered. She starts in a slow jog towards the other three in modern clothes "Am I dreaming, I must be dreaming, weird dream" The head pans, taking in the area and people again.

On the edge of the park, there is a building with lights shining from it, and music coming out of it. The music is easily recognizable as jazz, and a few cars are parked outside. A group spill from the doors, two men in suits and a pair of girls dressed as flappers - short dresses with frills on the hem and a band around their short bobbed hair. One has a feather from it. They seem slightly drunk and relaxed, and those able would sense that the girls are shifters. One turns her head, her gaze seeking that little group, seeking out Cale and Juno in particular. The look isn't hostile, but interested.

Kombo spots a likely-looking clump of bushes and trees in the park and makes a beeline for it. "Come on!", she hisses to Juno as she passes, the African-American woman moving at speed - for a human, that is.

Cale gets a sense of Kombo's state and grimaces. Juno's words go unanswered, save for another wave of hand to make sure she's following. The young man moving forward past Gwen. Quickly, but not too quickly to get to Kombo. The shift towards the foliage is met with a purse of his lips. Not quite what he might have been hoping for, but as he sees the two women gaining interest in them, needs come first. "Go, get under cover," he murmurs to her, then motions Juno and Gwen to follow the other. He'll linger behind briefly, mainly to keep an eye on the women watching them until the others are out of general sight.

Gwenhwyfar starts slowing when she sees Kombo's direction. "Wait. Bushes?!" She shoots a glance to Cale, incredulous. "Cause /that's/ not suspiscious?" She shoves her hands in the pockets of her coat and scowls. Yes, that is what she gets hung up about. Her shoulders hunch as the door opens, spilling music and people into the night. she glances over her shoulder, noting the two women, before she mutters beneath her breath and slips behind the foliage.

Juno's shifts, moving backwards with the group but keeping her eyes on the lions. "Flappers.. Jazz.. Capone.. the clothes.." She lifts her hands, fingers rubbing at her eyes. She shakes her head a bit and puzzles.

The woman pauses, murmuring something to her companions and they leave without her. She turns back to the club, briefly vanishing into the lights, letting the sound of the piano out. Then she reemerges, three men behind her and a tall woman with skin as dark as Kombo's. They are all dressed in the period, soberly and they follow the flamboyant flapper towards the bushes, their pace rapid. The restaurant and the street have returned to normal service, mostly hidden from view by the bushes.

In the bushes, Kombo's eyes are wide, and she's definitely on the edge of panic. "Flappers, jazz, Capone, the clothes, the buildings, the cars, the whole goddamn world!" The iPod gets stuffed into her fanny pack, followed by the pedometer. "Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!" She pulls her cellphone out of the small pack, prodding a button and staring at the screen with hope and dread mingling in one expression.

Cale slips into the at least partial concealment of the brush with the others once he can get them in there and he gives Gwen a firm look. "I don't think you get how much trouble we could be in here. As ludicrous as it might seems, this isn't our time.. somehow." He shakes his head. "And some of us are, effectively, strangers in a new city where strangers are wildcard elements that, without protection, are meat." He gives Gwen a hard look, his expression utterly serious. Then his head turns and he sees those coming towards their hiding place. "Stay here, be silent," he adds, his eyes sweeping the women. He will move out of the cover smoothly then. He's agitated, he can't hide all of that in the low quiver of his energy. More out of a need to lash out than fear itself. But he is contained. Mostly calm. And he waits for the four to make their play, his guar left behind in the brush, hands relaxed at his sides. He does make sure his position is between the ones approaching and his companions of the moment.

Gwenhwyfar's eyes shift, from Cale to the lights beyond the bushes and back. "Time?!" Her voice softens to a whispering hiss. She considers him for a moment, then looks down to Kombo. Her expression is clearly unhappy but she gives him a small nod. Her hands slide free of her pockets, fingers flexing, but for now she stays quiet and still.

A slight smirk at Cale's words and a shiver from head to toe. But Juno is not a pale rose. She steps out clear from cover as well, a glance down to note what she is wearing. A deep inhale of breath to calm herself, to ease her energy into a peaceful state. The eyes flick of those approaching, tracing silhouettes. She gives an easy smile, hand clearly in plain sight.

They approach directly, without seeming to need to use their eyes to find the small group. The flapper, the fragile seeming creature with her hair in the tight bob of the time, seems amused. "Are you playing hide and seek with the Kiss? You aren't ours, which makes you foreigners without the manners to come and introduce yourself when you enter our city." Her voice is pure Chicago of that period, and she glances between Juno and Cale with a smile that is distinctly predatory. "Explain yourselves."

"Are you *kidding* me?" Kombo's eyes narrow as she rounds on Cale as she hisses, "I'm black and female. Who the fuck's going to believe I'm a fucking *lawyer*, if we really are in the twenties?" She looks down at the phone, hits it with her free hand, then stuffs it back into the fanny pack. "We're all strangers in a new city where strangers are meat, white boy." And then there's company, and Kombo goes still with that deer-in-the-headlights look.

Cale takes a careful demeanor. Neither aggressive, nor submissive. A neutrality that comes of careful practice and extends to his voice. "My name is Cale." His eyes flick towards Juno. "She is Juno. I and the others are travelers. We're merely getting our bearings before we continue on our way, nothing more. We have no designs on this city."

Gwenhwyfar shifts slightly, edging back from those approaching, deeper into the shadows. Mismatched eyes flick from Juno, to the speakers, to Cale then back. Best to watch them. Now is one of the times she regrets not being armed or stronger. So for now, she keeps her mouth shut, though eyes also scan back towards the light and the bushes around them in case other "friends" approach.

A nod of her head and easy smile "Just got to town" Juno chimes and nods in agreement with Cale "and just passing though, no disrespect intended." She rests her hands onto her hips and keeps a pleasant smile. She flicks her eyes among the strangers "We'll just move along, no harm no foul"

"Travelers." The word sounds flat before the woman smiles. She lifts a cigarette holder to her lips, inhaling as she studies them thoughtfully. The narrowed eyes are a brown light enough to be described as golden and she is clearly a powerful alpha of the Pride. "You dress in an interesting manner. Where are you travelling between? Tell your little friends to stop cowering in the bushes." Her nose twitches slightly and she adds softly, "I promise you that it wouldn't help you if we wanted to tidy you up."

Having finished his business in the restaurant Brand, or Vincentio as he's currently known, makes his way cautiously across the road and into the park. His steps are slow and deliberate, and his power is kept close around him so as not to seem threatening.

At the woman's words, Kombo rises to her feet, eyes narrow as she steps out to stand beside Cale and Juno. The tilt of her chin reflects pride, but she stays silent.

Cale glances towards Juno, then tilts his head back towards the others. He remains planted where he is, however, turning his attention on the woman who is the obvious lead of the small party. His manner remains a careful mix. Not staring the woman down, but not hesitant to look her in the eyes. "We're not quite headed anywhere in particular. You know what they say, yeah? Is the corny, not the destination. I'm sure you can understand how traveling itself is enough adventure when it comes to life itself. We'll know what we're looking for when we see it." Brand's presence he doesn't take up on just yet.

Since Kombo moves, Gwen decides to stay right where she is. True, she doubts she's fooling them, but really, they didn't specify who. And Gwen isn't cowering per se. Just…lurking? Watching. Finers of one hand fidget restlessly with the edge of her scarf before she mentally tells herself to stop it. Mis,atched eyes continue to flick and search, keeping an eye on the interrogators while keeping what senses she does have (sadly not the best of this group) on alert.

The pale eyes flick in a side glance to Cale, then back to the lioness. Juno stays quiet, with an affirming nod of her head. The stance is casual, her power near the surface but coolly in check. The pleasant smile fixed on her lips. As someone additional approaches her eyes flick to them cautiously. "Well, we should be moving on. We'll be out of the city limits before the next day breaks, if you'll excuse us" A half step to show her intent to move on.

"I've not heard that saying. And your other little friend, if you would. An interesting scent…" The words are soft as the golden eyes flicker to Kombo, and the woman gives her a frank stare of assessment, her gaze trailing over her. One eyebrow arches and she lifts the cigarette holder once more, taking a drag before she responds to a brief flare of power from one of the men with her. A glance towards the road, taking in Brand's arrival clearly displeases her before she smiles. "If you care to accept the hospitality of my mistress until we decide what to do with you, then we won't mention your arrival on a day when their Master has an attempt on his life." The words are a honeyed murmur to the little group, but the other woman moves closer to them, clearly a guard, as she turns to face Brand. "Vincentio. Darling. Are you looking in the bushes for a meal or coming out to play with the cats?" Her voice is a low purr, a velvet sound with the soft note of a drawn dagger beneath it, an undertone.

"Chantel." Brand's voice is an answering purr, with an equally dangerous undertone. It's respectful, though, the vampire clearly having some healthy regard for the woman. "It's so good to see you again, you look wonderful as always." He doesn't look much more pleased to be here than she is to have him here. "I'm afraid this is merely a business visit. No play today. The Master has sent me to speak with you."

Kombo's eyes are sharp and observant, but she stays silent once more. She looks over Chantel and her companion, and then 'Vincentio', then nods once to herself.

"No offense to you, but hospitality is not always a kind word in the end," Cale says. "Especially when it comes to the sentiment of what might be done with us." Careful, judicious caution. When Brand nears, Cale is uncertain, though that fades as the man speaks. Clues plucked from that to realize who this is. His expression relaxes again and he notes to the woman, "Besides, there is nothing in this world to tie us to what has happened here than anyone else who happened to witness it."

Gwenhwyfar's breath catches at mention of her, fingers gripping her scarf before she edges of so slightly closer. Maybe, if one were generous, a foot. But she makes sure there is at least on person between her and the lioness. Mismatched eyes flick to Vincentio, then back to Chantel. Business. Business is good. Business is distracting so that Gwen can edge closer to the shelter of the tree.

The nose wriggles a touch as Juno sniffs. A slight ruffle of her proverbial hackles within her energy. She relaxes a touch more, a hand lifts to brush her hair back, tucking it behind an ear as tThe eyes flick between Chantel and Vincentio, quite intent to let them resolve their business. "Would should leave you with privacy to discuss your business" she starts to walks to the side, motioning with her head for others to follow.

One eyebrow arches as she offers him a hand, palm down with a clear intent that he should take it and kiss it, her smile widening in a pleasure that has nothing to do with wholesomeness. "Oh dear. Was it about the little incident earlier? I'm afraid me and mine were inside, playing cards." She widens her eyes at him, watching him through her lashes. The gesture is coquettish but there is steel beneath it. The glance at Cale is speaking, a clear signal that one of the men picks up on. The glance from him matches the soft sound from his throat, a low warning growl. The men both step to prevent the little group from leaving and the woman sighs, giving Vincentio a rueful smile. "As you can see, we have a few unexpected guests ourselves."

Brand takes the hand and kisses it, eyes never leaving Chantel's face. "Oh, Chantel, I would never be so brash as to…" It's clear this dance-like flirting is an old and practiced game between the two of them, as suddenly he misses a beat. Cale's words apparently have caught his attention, and a single eyebrow raises as his eyes move toward the other man. There's no recognition in them, but suddenly a great deal of interest. "From the way this one speaks, you have caught those responsible? My Master will be so very, very pleased."

"I'm sorry to dash your hopes, but we only just arrived," Kombo speaks at last, her Chicago accent tinged with education. "I personally was walking towards a cop at the time, and from that came straight here. If we had been responsible, you'd have been able to smell it. Even humans can smell that."

Cale snaps a look towards Juno and she will feel a firm nudge of his power. "I did not say to move," he tells her firmly. He affects the manner of a leader, though his eyes are softer than his words, if not pointedly seeking to put forward a point. He doesn't move, listening to what is said between the others without comment. Save for that last. His attention goes to Brand and he shakes his head slightly. "As she said, we are travelers and no more." He indicates Kombo with a lift of his hand. "We are passing through and have no ties here." Again, he is careful to show no fear, no anxiousness. And for the moment, there is no lie to be scented or drawn from his composed actions and words.

The pale eyes give a side glance to Cale, long and very direct. She clearly has to bite her tongue but her demeanor goes icy. The eyes flick forward with a roll and shrug of her shoulder. She crosses her arms and looks to Chantel and Brand, and then to the guy who growled, leveling a glance his way.

Chantel lifts her eyebrows at Brand, named as Vincentio, lifting one shoulder in a shrug. "I wish I could give your master such a present but these are just stragglers we picked up, and none of the Kisses business…" She smiles, taking a drag on that cigarette as she steps forward, purring softly, as she adds, "Neither of the Kisses. You know, my darling, that we of the Pride do not take sides." The words are as warm and friendly as a thrown dagger, and it matches the look in her eyes. The confidence she has in her men to hold the small group is obvious in the turned back. They both stand, one of them returning Juno's glance steadily. One is an alpha, the other not. "Present the Pride's condolences to your Master, and deliver your message." The light taunt from the lioness is obvious.

"And yet I distinctly heard their leader say nothing could tie them to what happened here…he certainly sounded guilty." Brand murmurs. It's not a challenge to Chantel's words, but a carefully pointed observation. At the mention of taking sides, the game is back on and he smiles charmingly. "And once again you break my heart, with your refusal to join with us." When the message is mentioned, he nods slowly. "Ah yes, the message. My Master wishes to assure the Pride that the recent outbreak of violence is not going to spill into your territory. We have always been your friends, always kept trouble from your doorstep, and this continues unabated in the wake of this terrible action."

Kombo's eyes narrow at the mention of Cale as the leader, but her piece has been said. Her eyes flick from Chantel to Brand, and her hands get stuffed into her pockets to try and hide their shaking.

Cale choses to give no more voice to the talk going on between the lioness and the vampire. Though again, he does not show overt s submission, shame, nor guilt. There is, for now, merely no more to say. And so he holds his piece, igniting Juno's eyeing of him entirely. But he remains keenly observant.

Juno stays quiet, that pleasant smile seemingly frozen into her lips. The eyes stay on the guy, not hostile but intent, the corners of her lips quirking into a slight twitchy grin. She stands casually, the arms crossed tight.

"Actually…" Gwen finally speaks, her voice low, letting the Irish purr (hopefully) cover her lack of comfort in this situation. "The statement was we have no ties 'here.'" Yes, let's argue semantics with vampires and lionesses. Unconsciously, one hand curls and plays with one end of her scarf. "There was no qualification to that word." Mismatched eyes are hooded but alert, the fae woman remaining next to her tree. It's a good tree.

"But of course it won't spill into our territory." Her voice is the lowest of purrs as the lioness steps forward, her movements radiating sensuality, her golden eyes resting on the vampire's face. "Neither of the Kiss Masters can afford for their troubles to cause a ripple in our world for fear that we might fall into bed with the other side, and you know it, Vincento. And if you had a heart to break, my darling, it wouldn't be yours to give away, would it now?" The words are a taunt, a deliberate move to draw the vampire's attention to her. "Take them to my mistress, to await her pleasure." The lightly tossed command is given as she stares up at the vampire, stepping well into his space, as if she might kiss him. Or stab him. The three lions move immediately to surround the small group, to encourage them to move towards the building. Resistance doesn't appear to be encouraged.

Kombo really doesn't want to go - but she is a human, and one with enough intelligence to realise that the more she fights, the worse off she'll be. So she goes, but it's with a straight spine, narrowed eyes and proud demeanour, for all the world as if the men are accompanying rather than escorting her.

Cale is not surprised by the ends of this and he casts glances towards the others that, he would hope, communicate a general 'be cool' message. Though he does toss back towards Gwen, "Could you pick up my guitar on the way, Gwen?" The words casual. THe young man both relaxed and tense at the same time in opposing measures. Communicating a general displeasure with the situation well enough. Besides that, he will go with the others.

Gwenhwyfar stiffens at the order to be taken in, now an actual flash of fear in her scent. Her hand jerks on the scarf, mismatched eyes flicking around and to the surrounding males. There are clearly plans to bolt but Cale's question stops her. She blinks, stares, then drops her eyes to the guitar. Oh yah. She hesitates, another wary glance around before she snags up the strap of the guitar and follows after.


For the early part of his stay, Cale will be a low key element of the four. He won't leave the rooms they're given much. Though not for fear, as he remains calm, if mildly tense through to the next morning. He would have advised the others not go out much either, but won't go past advice. He's early to bed and up with the sun, only breaking out his guitar when everyone has risen. Choosing a chair, he'll be settled into it, casually strumming the strings of his guitar. Not making a song, but playing out a competent if not spectacular tune that is pleasant, if otherwise unremarkable.

Kombo will have been just as low-key as Cale, if not more so. Once armed with a pen and notepaper, she'll have mostly been muttering to herself and making notes in shorthand. The mutterings will have mostly included logical thoughts combined with names and a lot of 'versus'. Sleep didn't come swiftly or easily, but apparently she'd rather be in the same room as at least one other time-traveller than alone.

The night and the strangeness taking it's toll, Juno is also a bit withdrawn, falling to sleep early. She exits the assigned room, looking bleary eyed and a bit grumpy. The pale eyes flick to Cale and give a weak smile, then to Kombo "Still here.. man, when I was trying to fall asleep I kept wishing beyond wishing this was a dream." She flops into a chair and stretches her legs out. "Do, you think, this is real?" She keeps her voice low. "Or am I finally in a looney bin somewhere?"

Gwenhwyfar usually isn't low-key. Put her in this kind of situation, she's certainly not low-key. But at least she's relatively quiet. Aside from the sound of her feet as she walks. And wlalks. Or paces, which is likely more accurate. In the room, out the room. With people trying ot sleep, Gwen mostly took to the outside, though stayed close to the door to the inner room. Red hair has come down, her clip attached to her scarf, curls askew from many raking of her hands. At the sound of guitar and voices, she steps back inside. "So..who pissed off the time mage?"

"Who can say?" Cale's eyes lift slightly from the strings to consider Juno, but his fingers continue to work over them slowly. "But we have to go with what we have. The term temporal paradox comes to mind far too much when I think this through. That's why I don't want you guys to mingle out there too much. The less we interact with this time, the better a chance we have to not screw anything up. Though that doesn't speak for how we got here.. and how we're getting back." His lips purse faintly, shifting towards Gwen. "I don't suppose you know much of anything about this sort of thing?"

"If you're in the nuthouse, we all are," Kombo says, looking up at Juno from her papers. "It doesn't matter if we're in the twenties, if we're in a parallel universe, if we're in an elaborate hoax or in that holo-thing off of Star Trek - we've gotta act like it's real. Sticking your fingers in your ears and going 'la la la la la' isn't going to help."

The eyes flick to Cale and widen a bit. She falls quiet, contemplating that. Juno looking very put out at the thought of screwing up time. She runs her fingertips over her face, trying to rub off sleep and the creepy crawling feeling this whole situation has filled her with. She sighs softly "I do wanna just go back to bed"

There are new voices in the rooms outside, and clearly someone of importance has arrived. The lions they met last night are clustered around the person and greetings are exchanged before she moves forward to their room with Chantel at her side. The two women appear close, with their arms interlinked and both seem amused. Behind them, attentively, the male alphas are following.

Gwenhwyfar's eyes flick between Juno and Kombo before she just shakes her head and turns her attention to Cale. "That depends whether your taking Fae magic or wizardy such. If it's the latter, I assume it's some person going wooja-wooja," said with accompanying finger wiggly motions, "and there ya go. Fae magic? Could be anything from some kind of magical thingamajig to someone casting a MASSIVE illusion that both encompasses the entire city in this time, but only a small area in ours." More accompanying hand motions, hands in a globe form. She traisl off as she hears voice, glancing over her shoulder with narrowed eyes before she turns to face them, hands tucking back into her pockets.

Cale listens to the talk with a soft frown, though his head cants as Gwen is finishing, picking up on the sounds in the other room a bit early. "Someone's coming." He stops playing and adds softly, "Let me do the talking." He rises, his eyes flicking to Juno. "Better I take the fall if something is up." He lays the guitar aside as he turns, taking a few steps towards the doorway, the placing he choses a precise thing that puts him between those who enter and the other three. But he takes a relaxed posture, hands at his side. Relaxed, but not lax.

Kombo rises too at the sound of voices, looking to Cale. "Think before you open your mouth, this time?" Her arms fold across her chest as she turns to face their visitors, pride and strength reflected in her posture as she stands in front of her chair rather than moving towards Cale.

A soft chuckle and Juno shrugs gently, looking to Kombo with a nod of her head "Seriously". Juno stays seated, eyes flicking to those who enter. She smiles, pleasantly, no teeth showing. The arms draped onto the chair arms. "Morning" She says in a friendly greeting.

The two women survey the room with that trace of amusement in their faces, a gesture that does look like a lioness surveying her savanna. "Well, I have been hearing all about you kids." The older woman, a most powerful alpha and clearly the pride's Regina, speaks as Chantel watches. "Appearing in the city at that moment is an interesting choice but none of you are local. Two beasts, a fae and a black? An interesting group. Explain yourselves or I'll let the vampires have you."

Gwenhwyfar cocks her head as Cale straightens, one hand lifting to finger a lock of hair behind an ear. "Better more useless people take the fall, but hope you can talk us out of this.." Her voice is soft, not meant to carry farther than Cale. She shifts back a bit more, letting Cale take the forefront and anyone else who wants to make a brave stand in front of her.

"We were explained the night before to her," Cale replies simply his head nodding slightly towards Chantel. "We are travelers, merely looking to pass through. Though your hospitality is appreciated, we'd really like to be on our way at the earliest opportunity." Not really a lie when you get right down to it. "We're far less interesting than we seem."

Kombo's eyes flick to Juno with a frown before she faces the new arrivals again. She lets Cale do the talking, but she stands on her own two feet.

The pale eyes flick to Cale and listen to him speak. Juno shifts to stand, walking to Cale's back and a touch to the side. She keeps her demeanor casual, the eyes flicking to the lions in neither an aggressive or submissive gestures, more curiosity. She does dip her eyes as she glances to the Regina, acknowledging the women's power.

"And where are you travelling from and to, young man?" The amusement deepens as the lioness turns her head, exchanging a look with Chantel, and the smile vanishes abruptly. "And she is my second, so you may be wise to refer to her with the respect she has earnt here. Unless you'd rather she took the diplomatic route and handed you over to the Kiss' errand boy last night?" Her power rises, a warning in a nonverbal sense of the word. "Now. Where are you from and where are you going?"

Gwenhwyfar hates diplomatic shuffles. Part of why she stays away from the Court. Mismatched eyes are annoyed, so Gwen finds something more interesting to look at. Like Cale's guitar. Or one of the attending male lions. Her head tips, mismatched eyes hooding as she leisurely studies him, probably making mental comments as occassionally there's a twitch at the corner of her mouth that is never allowed to grow into anything close to a smile.

Cale dips his head slightly. "I meant no slight," he says, tone given to a measured respect. "As I told your second the night before, our destination is home. A concept not always well defined. As to where we are from, that a different thing for each of us. I'm from the southwest, myself. Though obviously, that isn't a home to be currently." He choses his words carefully and his eyes remain subtly dipped, back straight. Juno's touch gets a slight tilt of his head in her direction, but no more.

Kombo stays silent, arms folded across her chest as she listens.

Juno stays quiet, attentive, her eyes flicking back and forth. She stays silent, as requested, watching and gauging reactions from the lions.

"You evade my questions again and the oddity of your clothing makes me even more curious. Perhaps I should gain favour with Capone and just give you over to him." The woman shrugs lightly, a touch of distaste in her voice. "I will consider what to do with you." Again, her gaze flickers over their clothing, her eyes narrowed in thought.

Gwenhwyfar eyebrow waggles at one of the males, then turns her attention back to the guitar, one hand moving the scratch her eyebrow as if that's what she meant to do all along. She muffles a sigh with the movement, hand sliding back into her hair to pull it from her face. Which is better, Capone or Lioness? Really, Gwen thinks, in this case, the both suck

"I answer your questions," Cale responds with an even tone. "Perhaps I do not tell you what you hope to hear, but I do answer your questions without a lie given. And for that you would give us to the vampires? Do you expect I will tell, with no trust built between us, every secret I hold? Would you in my position? I would not think you that unwise. Otherwise you would not be where you are. But I will tell you this. We have no ties here, we have no stakes in the balancing act between you, the Kiss or any others and threats will not change those facts."

Kombo smiles faintly, and then she nods to the Regina. "My name is Akili Jane Kombo. I'll be born in February, nineteen seventy-six, in a hospital that gets built not far from here in ninteen fifty-five. I grow up ten blocks away, in a tenement block that was built after the great fire and gets knocked down in nineteen ninety-four to make way for a shopping mall, lots of shops all in the same building. And I'm from the future, I know you can smell truth. I'm black, I'm a woman, and in my Chicago I'm one of the highest-paid attorneys."

The effort is strong but Juno cannot restrain a snark of laughter. She flicks her eyes to Kombo and she nods in agreement. She stays quiet still, eyes trying to gauge a reaction from the lions, sniffing faintly. A smiles plays on and off her lips as she tries to stay neutral in emotion.

The answers given interest the woman, her eyebrows lifting. "I don't have any benefit in keeping you here, apart from the depletion of my cupboards. But if I hand you over, at least I make the Kiss think we might take their side, perhaps…" She shrugs lightly and turns as Kombo's speech draws her attention. Then she laughs, shaking her head. "You have a remarkable imagination, and you believe what you say. How very interesting…" And she is interested, curious, as she steps towards the other woman, her eyes narrowing. "Can you prove it, or are you perhaps insane? How curious."

Gwenhwyfar's lips curve at Kombo, amusement in mismatched eyes. "I'd say the proof you want will also be determined by how suspicious you are. Shall we all whip out our licenses like we're being carded for a club?" The amusement warms her voice as she shakes her head.

Cale turns his head, giving Kombo a sharp look. "She is obviously upset," Cale says as he looks back to the lioness. "From what I have heard, you wish to maintain neutrality in the current struggle the vampires wage. Why would you now show favoritism towards one or the other? Word will spread, it always does. The one you do not gift us to will look down upon you. Even if you split us between them, you invest yourself. And you give distant kin to them. What repercussions will there be for the others?" He shakes his head. "You let us go and we disappear. And you lose nothing."

Kombo's smile is wry. "I was born here, ma'am. I saw the bullet holes in a cellar wall, the wreck of a bar that only us kids knew about and the cops never found. I heard the legends and the stories and…" She looks over at Cale, turning a distinctly disapproving look on him. "You're busily trying to get us all handed over to someone a lot less helpful than the lady, or killed, having made us out to look like guilty parties. Since it seems that you can't open your mouth without giving us problems, I recommend you stand down and let a professional who's local conduct your defence. This is *Chicago*, and I know what disappear means." She turns back to the Regina. "Sorry about him, he's not from round here."

Juno flicks her eyes to Kombo, watching intently. A smirk plays on her lips as she listens. She speaks softly to Cale "Only one vampire faction would want us, it would be useless to give us to the other." She keeps a close eye on Kombo and the Regina, watching the interactions closely.

"The other Kiss would, as this one says, not be interested in you." The Regina shrugs, turning her gaze back to Gwen, and then Kombo thoughtfully. "You know, if you were telling the truth, this time is not a good one for you blacks." The words are spoken softly as she steps forward, moving to consider Kombo at closer quarters. She turns her head, replying to Gwen, "Do you have such proof? Your friend here is right. Chicago can eat people here alive and spit nothing out." Her second and the other alphas have moved into the room, spreading out a little, and the door is left open. A few others lurk in the passageway, watching and listening. "Capone would indeed kill you and ask later if it was you. Persuade me that you are indeed telling me the truth, little one."

Gwenhwyfar spreads her hands as the REgina turns to her. "Proof that is so undeniable that you can't question it? No. Not with magical suggestion with is an insult to both of us." She smiles and settles herself into Cale's chair, legs crossing and fingertips tracing over the arms of it. "but it seems to me, we're dead either here or with the Kiss. As it is, we're gone from where we are /supposed/ to be." She shrugs and links her fingers together beneath her chin. "So, make a decision."

"I can't say that being confined and threatened with death has me convinced you will be helpful to us," Cale admits simply. "But since it seems all of our cards are being laid bare.." He focuses on Kombo. "Giving proof in and of itself may compromise the future. Speaking of the past or present won't do it and speaking of the future will give knowledge previously unknown to people who didn't have it and chance changing the future. Unless you intimately know the Chicago Pride of this era. Which I don't. You're running a high risk and I'll kill you before I let you ruin what is to come. So you had better think very, very carefully, miss." His words are steady and focused, without compromise or wiggle room.

One of the lower ranking members of the Pride enters the room, standing off to one side and waiting to be acknowledged by the Regina.

"At least it's not the Deep South," Kombo points out. "But my grandma was so proud when I got a scholarship, said how far the world had come in her lifetime." She smiles. "My classes on early twentieth-century law were a while back, but I've made some notes on the key cases of the era when it came to criminal legislation." And then to Cale, "I'm not up on temporal theory, but if they take a look at my shoes Nike'll get started fifty years early! Face it, the future's already screwed, let's not try to get screwed too."

Juno walks back over to take a chair, seemingly content to watch the folks interact like an amusing yet strange TV program. She crosses her legs at the knee, leaning back in her seat. She digs into a coat pocket and pulls her i-phone out, fingers ideally taping the screen, trying to not draw attention.

"I am not in the habit of killing for no reason and I would only hand you over if the benefit to me is worth the cost." She turns to hear her lion, the curve of her lips noting amusement at the timing and she nods. The lion slips from the room, and she turns back to the small group. "It seems we have a visitor from the Kiss and so it is to be decided." Kombo's shoes gain a little attention before the woman makes a tiny gesture and a lion moves forward, holding out a hand to take them. The leader's gaze sweeps over them and stops on Juno, staring at her device. Another nod, another lion steps towards her.

Vincentio enters the room, led in by one of the lions. The Regina is offered a sweeping bow, a courtly gesture from a time gone by. "Regina." The word is full of respect, despite his power. "I am here because I have a…proposal." His lips twist into a sardonic smile, and one of the weaker lioness' winces. Perhaps she's been on the recieving end of one of his proposals before.

Gwenhwyfar huffs out a frustrated breath at Kombo. "Unless we're in an isolated bubble. And.." She trails off as Juno whips out a phone and the lions notice. "Smooth, ladies. Real smooth." Her face drops into one hand, fingers rubbing her temples before back up into her hair. She looks up as Vincentio sweeps into the room, resting her cheek in her hand and legs crossed, apparently giving up on the other women by her expression.

"There is no, 'damage done, oh well' to this," Cale states to Kombo. "It can always get worse if any of you act foolishly." He pauses as the lioness goes out, then returns. And he spies Juno then, his expression darkening with deep disapproval. "Foolish and stupid, Juno. Very stupid."After that, he's silent as he watches Brand enter. Saying nothing for the moment, but as attentive as usual.

"We've got to hope we are," Kombo says to Gwen; she eyes the lion approaching her, then grimaces and tugs her shoes off. Bright white and with the designer logo in red, they were going to get noticed sooner or later. And then she too eyes Juno and sighs, before turning back to face whatever's coming next.

The eyes flick to the others and Juno shrugs "Hey, like the present is so very great and perfect. It's no worse then here, people just pretend we've become more civilized. And we've no clue what happened, pretending we do is rather high and mighty of the lot of you." She hits the power button and repockets the phone. Reclining and streching her legs out.

"Your proposals are always less interesting than they sound, little vampire." The soft purr of the lioness is spoken with a smile of such sweetness, revealing the glint of a knife in the words. "You may wait for my attention." The lion brings the shoes to her and she inspects them without touching them, her head tilted, an intelligence gleaming in her eyes. "How interesting…" The words are a soft murmur as her gaze turns to study the contents of the other's hands, the iphone, narrowing. "Your little one speaks truth I'm sure… and her life will be lengthened if she hands it over for inspection." A lion reaches out to take it from Juno.

Vincentio does indeed wait, although it's clear from the expression on his face the master vampire is reigning his temper in. One hand curls and uncurls reflexively, even as he takes the time to study the outsiders and the curious picture they present.

"Juno, shut the hell up," Cale flat out tells her without looking towards her. "You don't get it. And we'll be better served if you sit on your hands and keep your lips sealed." He looks towards the lioness then, but says nothing more. Again, he waits for what will happen.

Kombo's arms fold across her chest again, the African-American woman assuming the utterly neutral expression of the attorney and with it, the body-language of someone who's used to being listened to.

Juno smiles and takes the phone back out. "Sorry, I didn't realize you would request it Regina, I surrender it gladly" She hands the powered off phone over. She flicks her glance to Cale "Yeah, like you steered us clear of trouble Cale. You want to heed your own advise."

Gwenhwyfar's mismatched eyes run slowly over Vincentio, absently curious. And hey, he's something new and pretty to look at. "Personally, I prefer being high and mighty." Her free hand lazily continues to trace over the arm of the chair. "Guess what, Juno, your words didn't help either. And sucking up will only get you so far, anyway." Yah, her patience is running thin. So much for being the one not to sling stones.

"Be silent." The command is given softly but it carries a flare of power that suggests the Regina is done with listening. She holds out a hand, receiving the phone with barely a glance at the irritable vampire. "This…" She tilts her head, touching the screen, curiousity showing clearly on her beautiful features. Her eyes widen slightly as the screen moves and then she stares at Juno. "What is this device intended to do? What is it's use?" She hands it back, offering it first to her second. A brief inspection and she passes it over, offering it to Brand.

Cale shakes his head slightly, his tension level rising slowly. Oh, he'd love to speak, but for the moment it is inadvisable, so he merely turns his attention on Juno, giving her a firm, speaking look.

Kombo, for her part, stays right where she is, watching the interplay between those local to the time as well as the city.

Vincentio takes it from the second with a smile, letting his hand linger for a moment before withdrawing it with the item. Turning it this way and that, he studies it intently. "Fascinating…" He murmurs, mostly to himself. And then, for everyone else's benefit. "This arcane device was probably used in the attack against my Master."

The pale eyes rest on Cale briefly, but as the Regina asks a question she flicks her eyes to her. "It's for communication, but is currently not working properly." She flicks her eyes to the vampire, then back to the Regina.

"The arcane device used against your Master was a machine gun." The reply is spoken mockingly from the Regina's second, her eyes laughing at him, as she reaches to take the iphone back. "This… it isn't something I've seen before and I doubt you have either." The mixture of attraction and conflict between the pair is obvious enough. The Regina ignores both, studying Juno thoughtfully. Then she turns back to the others, her gaze flickering between them. "And if your black speaks for you, tell me this. How are you here? Why?"

"Both are questions that we cannot answer, even if we wanted to. Because we're not here of our own will and desire. Nor our own ability," Cale states simply. "LIke I said. We want to go home. There was no lie to my words and it remains true. Preferably with all of our things." His eyes settle on the iphone.

Kombo nods to what Juno says. "You don't have the right wires here, so that little telephone doesn't work." And then to the question, she shrugs. "Can't speak for the others on this - I don't know how we're here. I was out running in the park in my Chicago, on my own, clearing my mind after a big case, and then I was running through your park. Why I'm here? Wrong place, wrong time, I guess." Her voice and expression turn wry. "Not like that's anything new in Chicago."

"I have not seen such a thing before, as well you know." Vincentio murmurs in reply to the second, shaking his head at the mocking reply. "And yes, it was a machine gun." There's a pause before he asks the woman. "Why are they letting their negro talk?"

Gwenhwyfar snerks faintly, hand moving from her chin to cover her mouth. Her thught comments would not be helpful at this time, though she hopes she can share them later for a laugh. With an amused sigh, she moves her hand back to her chin. "Mmm, magic is my guess." Despite the amusement in her tone, her answer is true. At the talking question, her amusement deepens. "i like seeing who puts their feet in their mouths. And also see no reason to do so, when others are willing to." Gwen seems quite aware of what kind of person this paints her as.

Juno nods her head to the others statements, again falling quiet. A smirk plays along her lips, she leans to the side, resting her elbow to the arm of the chair, her chin onto her palm. She flicks a glance to Gwen and smiles, the eyes clearly noting that at least she isn;t the only one who finds this amusing.

"Magic is possible. The park you say?" The Regina's gaze moves to Gwen, narrowing slightly, "And wires? Would it work if I added the wires?" She is interested, reaching back to take the iphone and examine it once more. She seems to be taking this seriously, her eyes flickering between them. "Vincentio, I doubt they had a thing to do with your Master's attack. What is your proposal?" She turns, the cell still in her hands.

"It won't and cannot work here," Cale replies to Regina. "And there is nothing to be done to make it work, as it would cost you far more than it is worth to make it function as it is intended. It and we are not meant for this time. I would hope you might realize how much this threatens the future, the longer it is allowed to go on."

"Regina, my proposal is a simple one." Vincention smiles brilliantly, his voice low and persuasive as his gaze moves to the Regina. "I propose we remove this thorn from your paw. We will take these outsiders, and execute them for the assassination attempt. If they are guilty, very good. If not, it will lull the true perpetrators into a false sense of security and we will eventually catch them. It's not as if anyone is going to miss them, especially not the negro." His hands are spread wide, a gesture of openness. "Regina, you know as well as I it will not be long until we crush the traiterous rebels. And we do so want to be your friends." Cale, for his words, earns a mocking laugh. "The future? What do we care for your future? We will /make/ the future."

"In our Chicago, I'm an attorney," the negro replies to Vincentio calmly, before she shakes her head to the Regina's question. "Besides, even if it did work you couldn't call anyone. It can't talk to the phones you've got, the exchange doesn't work the same way. And before you ask, I'm a lawyer, not an engineer."

The pale eyes retain the amusement, flicking from person to person as they talk. Juno lingers her glance on the Regina, waiting to hear the answer the vampire with far more rapt attention.

The Regina gives the vampire's proposal some thought, tilting her head and moving her gaze from the iphone to the people. There is a moment where she is silently weighing them up, and she glances at Cale at his speech. "The future, as the little vampire says, is not a problem I need consider. If it changes, it will not be noticed by us." She shrugs, moving forward to consider Kombo, her eyes narrowed. "But a future where a negro can be an attorney, and a woman at that…" She arches her eyebrows slightly, "This interests me. Vincentio, give my loving regards to your Master and respectfully decline his proposal. I fear I may find a use for my time travellers, and to have a precedent of handing over shifters to the vampires is a foolish thing to do. Oh, and remind him that the dinner party tonight starts at seven." The words are intended to reduce Brand to messenger boy status, a reminder of her own. "Chantel, fetch Richardo." The words are a command and Chantel inclines her head, stepping back and slipping from the room. There are others in the hallway, watching, including children.

"You know.." Gwen's words are more thoughtful than anything, though it's surprising her tracing finger hasn't worn through that chair arm yet. "We may not have been the only ones sent..brought back." She glances up to Cale and cocks an eyebrow. "Capone could've been the target, but we either interferred with him being hit, again, or used to cover their move to get closer to him." Mismatched eyes slide to Vincentio and brows lift slighty. "Thus, killing us would help neither of you aside from making you feel a bit better." Her finger pauses from tracing to start tapping against the arm as eyes narrow in consideration. "If it's Fae, we might be in luck..but otherwise, we'd need some other way to search."

Cale shakes his head at Brand. "Your lack of vision is disappointing." His eyes flick to Regina, then as he notes, "This is bigger than any of us and this city. And you should care about the future. For your people, for your family and the progeny those not infected will bear. And the future changes in society and technology as well. Anything going too slow or too fast could throw off any number of things in ways we can't predict. It would be a throw of the dice with the odds stacked against you." Gwen's words get a grimace and he says, "You're speculating. I didn't notice anyone else nearby that was like us."

Kombo shrugs. "Either this has happened before and no-one noticed because it happened and things changed and no-one remembered them being different - or the world is remarkably resilient," she says. "I doubt this is a brand new thing in the whole of history, given that it's happened to us."

"A future where a negro woman can be an attorney…." Vincentio echoes the Regina's words, but is sensible enough not to share his opinion. "Of course, Regina. I will be sure to remind him of that." There's a thin smile and an inclination of his head, before he promptly takes his frustrations out on Cale. "Disappointing, is it? And who are you, outsider, that I should care what you think is disappointing? As I said, we will make the future. We are the future."

"Such pessimism, maybe we'll go back to a world where cancer is cured and war no longer exists " Juno mutters. After the Regina's response she goes back to watching with a glint of amusement. She stays quite relaxed in her chair, hand holding her chin, head tipped to the side.

The Regina gives Vincentio a slow nod, amusement glimmering in her eyes at his obvious frustration. She ignores the byplay, waiting in silence for the return of Chantel, the iphone in her hands being turned over thoughtfully. Chantel returns, in the company of a human man, glowing with power of another kind. "Ah, Richardo, my sweetest, come and unpuzzle this for us. These claim to be from the future." She holds the iphone out with a delicate grip and he takes it. The man is older, gray haired and wrinkled, his clothes standing out amidst the glamourous lion pride, black and simple. "They claim magic."

Gwenhwyfar wrinkles her nose at Cale's grimace than shrugs. "And how often have you time travelled? otten so you notice everything and anything?" She lifts a hand in a dismissive wave, especially since Vincentio has a much more pressing exchange to give. Her eyes turn back to the lions and then the door. She perks up as Richardo comes in, eyebrows lifting in surprise. There's interest in those mismatched eyes for once, but she keeps her seat for now, legs crossing the other way.

"I'm someone who cares about matters beyond himself," Cale states simply. "Though at times such regard seems to mean less in the world than it really should." He then shakes his head at Juno. "I'd rather not gamble with the future. We could go back to a human government that has become even more of a problem for us. Actively repressive, even genocidal. Any one of us could cease to be. Don't make light of screwing with what is because you're the one with a pessimistic outlook on life." Gwen just gets a faint grimace, her point a given. When the older man comes in, Cale looks towards him, the young man's nostrils flaring softly as he studies him. "We guess at magic. Claiming anything would be premature. Except that us being here is bad."

"Personally I'm more concerned about surviving and getting home than I am about your moral agenda," Kombo says to Cale, and then her tone turns dry. "That and I went to law school. Don't you know that morals get surgically removed when you get the scholarship letter? But anyways. Here, the very idea of me is so ludicrous it's not even funny. Any future our tech could bring has got to be better for me than right here, right now."

Vincentio's eyes jump to Richardo with a glimmer of recognition, watching the man as he examines the iphone. Most of his attention is still on Cale, however. "You are a very good actor. Or perhaps, just perhaps, you really are from the future." There's a slight smirk, as if he doesn't really consider it possible. "Maybe I'll look you up in the future, see if you really were telling the truth."

The lips curl into a smile and she nods her head gently. "Perhaps" Juno looks to the new arrival very intrigued. The eyes flick to Vincentio and she chuckles softly, a wider bright smile full of mirth. The eyes flick around the folks, pondering and puzzling.

"Quiet." The murmured word from the Regina suggests their debate is distracting her from her pet magician. He is studying the phone thoughtfully and his bushy eyebrows lift, giving his mistress an intent stare. "When did they arrive?" His question is abruptly asked, without the cautious courtesy deemed necessary by the rest of her Pride. She takes no offense, turning to the group with her eyebrows arching questioningly. The man at least has no issues believing them. "They seem to find you amusing, Vincentio." The words come from the second, barbed with a sweet smile.

Cale ignores Kombo for now, merely giving Brand a bland look as he says, "You do that." The lack of care in those words is palpable and he gives focus to the older man, taking a step towards him, slow and without threat. "The other night. We were out in the park nearby and in a moment things changed. There was a tangible sensation.. I can't quite describe it. But something did happen, that much is clear now. It effected the four of us.. maybe others, we don't know. If it effected others, we didn't notice them. One of us wasn't as close as the others, so it had some radius to it, whatever it was."

The magician has Gwen's attention more than anyone else, her eyes flicking from the phone ot him then back again. Sadly, unless, he found a way to make himself more youthful, Gwen doesn't know him from her time. Her fingers link beneath her chin, as she watches him. "Last night…" She trails off and extends a hand towards Cale to let him explain the rest of it. "Considering we're not all the same, I can't even say that it was limited to a specific type of person."

"I personally don't find the gentleman amusing," Kombo murmurs; she shifts position, making absolutely sure she's out of the direct line between Vincentio and Juno. "But there's nothing about any of this that's amusing."

"So it would seem, Chantel." Vincentio agrees, his own smile cold and thin as he turns to regard Juno and her evident mirth with narrowed eyes. Cale, for the moment, is dismissed. "Perhaps the young lady would care to explain why I am so amusing, hmm?"

"I find the situation amusing, the fact the given what you are you, could indeed look him up in the far future. I find it very interesting to know if you will remember us, being here." Juno doesn't meet Vincentio's eyes and tips her head "I meant no slight to you, it is merely the strange situation that my fancy tickled."

The magician also has the Regina's attention, and he is clearly interested. "A fae. How marvellous…" He mumbles the words, as he holds the phone out to his mistress. His hands are covered, fingerless gloves providing warmth to them. "There was a minor occurrence yesterday that was worthy of note." He makes that comment as if Capone hasn't been attacked, as if that, if noted, was unimportant. "Describe that sensation, young man." He gives Cale a steady stare, ignoring Vincentio and the lions.

Gwenhwyfar's lips quirk, a bit more of her normal tone. "I am marvellous. Unless that means 'marvellous' as in dissection." She chuckles and rests her elbows on her knees then her chin in her hands as she watches the magician. "Minor? If it brought us through time, I don't think that's very minor." You know, what with altering reality and all that fun stuff. Eyebrows lift faintly as she looks to Cale, since he's the one being asked the question.

Cale grimaces faintly at the question, but other than that he doesn't complain. Instead, he breathes out and closes his eyes. LEtting his mind roll back, trying to pull up those memories. It takes a bit before, with a bit of uncertainty, he says, "I do recall a sound, though just what.. and I thought I felt warm for a moment. I didn't really think much about those things then.. you know how the senses can play tricks now and then." His eyes flick open. "I hadn't noticed anything changing until I looked around. It was very subtle."

Kombo stays quiet and out of Vincentio's way, listening and watching for the moment.

"I see." Vincentio's attention is mostly on Juno, not interested in the talk of magic. "I am quite certain I will remember you. I am not a forgetful creature, after all." There's a long pause, as he considers for a moment. "You wonder if I will remember. That implies you have a way of finding out. Am I in your future?" His furrowed brow implies the thought is giving him a headache.

Juno tries, in a true effort to keep her features without emotion, to exude a laissez-faire mind set. But her youth shines through with amusement still in her pale eyes, contrasting with serene lips and cheeks. She gears her voice softer as to not interfere with the Regina's mage and Cale's conversation. "I am not completely certain, but I ..think so" The words ringing true

"Marvellous. As in something to marvel at, a thing of wonder, an unusual thing." The man's words are automatic, his gaze flickering to Gwen for an instant before he stares at Cale. Then a grin spreads, a glee on his features that is truly unholy, and his feet shift in a movement that might even be a little dance. His mistress takes the phone, lifting her eyebrows questioningly, amusement surfacing once more but the man is oblivious, as he turns and bolts from the room. "It would seem something you mentioned has interested my little friend, and now we know something of the future. Vincentio, my sweet boy, it seems that you may be the only one of us to make it to their year. How amusing." The Regina's voice suggests it is not amusing her in the least.

"Don't assume," Cale notes to Regina. "I don't know the city's history well. You may have simply gone elsewhere. For good or ill. This is why we need to go.. and why some of us need to keep it to ourselves." He glances at Juno, then Kombo before he looks at REgina. "You knowing or thinking you know what comes in the future will change how you act. Maybe it will end well, but maybe it won't. You might do something improper and foul your future because you try to anticipate and change something that may or may not happen in the future. If we could return and wipe every trace that we were here away, that would be the best for everyone. Which also means nothing is left behind." He nods slightly towards the iphone. He glances towards the elder man. "Might you know how to return us?"

Gwenhwyfar chuckles warmly, then pushes up to her feet. She moves over towards Cale, rubbing a hand lightly over his arm. Lips part to ask, or say something, but then the man is bolting from the room. She blinks and stares ofter him, before sighing, her hands slipping back into her pockets. She looks to Cale and cocks her head. "Seems you got more of a jolt than I did in the switch." She turns her gaze back to the Regina, then shrugs. "With things the way they are now, I doubt any of us will get to the year the same."

"Don't assume," Cale notes to Regina. "I don't know the city's history well. You may have simply gone elsewhere. For good or ill. This is why we need to go.. and why some of us need to keep it to ourselves." He glances at Juno, then Kombo before he looks at REgina. "You knowing or thinking you know what comes in the future will change how you act. Maybe it will end well, but maybe it won't. You might do something improper and foul your future because you try to anticipate and change something that may or may not happen in the future. If we could return and wipe every trace that we were here away, that would be the best for everyone. Which also means nothing is left behind." He nods slightly towards the iphone. "I can anticipate what you might think you could gain from us. Which is one reason I was judicious with my words. Not to hold back from you but to see that your future, mine, theirs and everyone else's continues on without being disrupted. For good or ill as it is meant to be by the actions that will happen. You do make your own future. Which is why we should not factor into it." He looks to Gwen and grins at her faintly. "One can hope. REgardless of what some think, I'd like to get everyone home safe and sound. But the needs of the many come before those of the few. A tired and old sentiment, but still true."

"I've no idea what happens to anyone here," Kombo says honestly. "We're from, what, eighty, ninety years ahead? I'm sorry, but as far as I know Mr. Vincentio's the only one here who might live another ninety years - though I'm not entirely sure about lycanthropy and aging."

"So it would seem, Regina." Vincentio smiles, a thing of unholy delight. "But worry not…I will give those who come after you the same advice and friendship I have always shown you." Twist, twist, the knife. His attention is drawn back to Juno, then. "You are not completely certain, but you think so? A pity…If I am going to meet someone from the future, it would have been nice if it was someone who knows me then."

"I'll make sure to let them know that, Vincentio." The Regina's smile makes it obvious that the knife is returned. "Perhaps you are still an errand boy there, just as you are now. Too unimportant to recall." The sweet reply comes from the second, leaning in the doorway, her hand resting at her side and held by a small blonde girl who peers around her bare legs. "I believe I shall go and find what has excited my little man so very much." The Regina turns, sweeping from the room without another word. She drops the cell into Chantel's hand as she passes her in the doorway and the lioness glances down at it.

Juno's attention is on Vincentio, clearly not acknowledging the glance from Cale. "A pity indeed. I find it very interesting, the whole conundrum. But this could just be some sick mages or fae's twirl of reality, disconnected from any continuum of time. And to quote Johnny Storm 'Am I the only one who thinks this is cool?"she chuckles at her own joke and shrugs, looking around the room.

Gwenhwyfar's eyes slide from Vincentio to the Regina then back again. She hmmms softly in her throat, then sighs as she exits and they still don't know what the magician giggled at. "You'd think being Fae, I'd be used to not getting the whole story." Lips twitch and she shakes her head, one hand lifting to tuck hair behind an ear. She'll not try to get into the conversation of time loops and whether people will remember. honestly, she'd be quite happy if she didn't. Lips perse faintly, before she looks to Juno. "I do not think it was Fae. The magic didn't react with me…or I with it, enough."

"Grow up, Juno," Cale answers the woman. "Make as many foolish excuses as you want, but that won't convince me to take this any less seriously because I'm an adult, not a child. Which is amusing because you look older than I am." He shakes his head and looks to Chantel, his arms lifting to cross his chest. "Will you give that back to Juno, please?" The question given with perfect respect, though his eyes remain a firm thing. Until either of the other two return, there is little let to bother with but that. And perhaps Kombo's shoes, but those seem to have gotten little interest.

"Yes, Juno, you are the only one who thinks it's cool," Kombo says, sounding resigned now. "Here, my career options are domestic servant or prostitute. Forgive me for wanting to put my fist through your teeth when you giggle and call it cool."

Vincentio watches the Regina go with barely concealed dislike, until Chantel's words catch his attention. "I am no mere errand boy, Chantel, as very well you know." There's a slight snarl, restrained and silent. He falls silent then, gazing in the direction the Regina went with a moody thoughtfulness.

Juno's flicks her glance to Cale. "Who died and made you the great and powerful Oz, you keep yapping like you know what is going on. You don't." The eyes flick to Kombo "You do have a point there. Perhaps the concept is more interesting then the actuality for you, sorry" She again tries to assume an un-emotional mask. A clear relaxing now that Chantel has fully collected Vincentio's attention.

Chantel's hand brushes over the child's head with obvious affection but she nudges the girl to leave, handing her to one of the other lionesses without much concern. "This?" She dangles the iphone from her fingertips, giving Cale the sweet smile that is given the lie by the glimmer in her grey eyes. "Perhaps I should. What are your names?" She turns, tossing the expensive cell across towards Juno to let her catch it or not. A gesture and Kombo's trainers are returned by the lion holding them. Vincentio's words bring a smile to her lips and she turns, walking towards the vampire, her hips swaying. "I know precisely what you are, Vinnie baby." The words are a low throaty purr, delivered as she stops, barely not touching him, her gaze lifted to study his face. "Planning on a palace revolt sometime, sweetie? Have you got the balls to face Capone?"

Annnd, it's back to power playing. Though this seems more between the vampires and lions. Mismatched eyes follow the motion of the tossed phone before flicking back to the pair in the doorway. Since they seem distracted, Gwen sees no reason to give out her name. Instead, one hand slips out to brush lightly against his arm before she shifts back again, leaning up against the wall.

"Shut up, Juno," Cale tells her again without looking away from Chantel. He is satisfied with it being returned, though he shakes his head as his name is asked. "It matters little who I am. Even when I come from, it matters little. I'm just a man." He glances at Gwen and tilts his head. "So what's plan B if we don't have a way back?" The tone he offers the words in is lighter, leaning back towards his casualness. Yet there is a tension in his tone that adds a hint of seriousness to the question.

"Your own career options ain't great, honey," Kombo says drily to Juno. "You can add 'housewife' to the list - domestic servant *and* prostitute, all in one skirt-wearing package." And then she nods to Chantel. "I already gave you my name - Akili Jane Kombo."

"Don't be foolish, Chantel." Vincentio looks down at her, his face an unreadable mask. "Why on earth would I want to do that? I'm entirely loyal, you know that." And…it's a lie.

Juno's reaches a hand out to catch the phone. "Juno Hughes" She thumbs the power button, shutting it down. She stuffs it back into a coat pocket. "Shut up Cale" She retorts with a slight smirk. She leans her head back, half closing her eyes, a few long deep inhales and exhales. She tries to focus her thoughts and exude calm neutraility, disengaging.

Chantel's smile widens and she rises on her tiptoes to press a kiss against Vincentio's lips before she turns back to the little group. "I'm sure that you had nothing to do with that little incident, baby." The words tossed at the vampire are casual. "Akili. Juno. These are pretty enough names and harmless enough." She shrugs lightly, lifting her eyebrows at Cale, at Gwen. "Do you have papers on you, I wonder? Should I ask one of our gentlemen to find them on the fae if you won't share your names with us?"

Gwenhwyfar rolls her eyes at the bickering women, then cocks her head as Cale looks back to her. She grimaces, then shakes her head. "I…hadn't thought about that. Even i'm not old enough to have ties here…" Her eyes flick to Chantel, weighing for a moment before lips quirk. "Sionnach, if you speak Gaelic." There's a light in those mismatched eyes, a small smile on her lips and no lie to smell. "But I prefer at least sharing drinks with a man before I let him…paw me."

Cale lets his attention settle on Chantel and wonders, "Why does my name matter to you? You and I will ever met again if all goes well. As has been so helpfully pointed out, my existence begins, likely, after yours ends. Unless you are one of the lucky ones to live to a very old and venerable age and even then I will be a child. Why make an issue of it?" There is no mock or play to his tone, the question one that is entirely serious.

Kombo glances over at Juno, her eyebrows lifting - and then she looks towards Chantel again, impassive.

Vincentio, curiously, seems unwilling to deny the charge. After several attempts at choosing the right wording to avoid smelling of a lie, he suddenly turns on his heel and storms out.

Juno's takes long steady breaths, leaning back in her chair. The eyes blink at Kombo but she doesn't respond.

"Sionnach." The name is echoed with a smile and then the lioness turns to Cale, her eyes narrowing with a snap, her smile vanishing. "Because I am second of the city, because I ask what your name is and you refuse me, and because we, the Pride, are the only thing standing between you and becoming Vincentio's scape goats and if you receive such hospitality, it is merely good manners to give your name." She shrugs lightly, turning to the lion with her and making a gesture to leave the room. There are some murmurings in the corridor, a suggestion that the Regina and the magic man have had their conversation and that they return now.

Gwenhwyfar slips her hands behind her back, letting her head lean back against the wall. Lips quirk faintly, but then she rolls her shoulders in a shrug. An ear perks at the change in conversation outside the door, head turning slightly to see what's what.

"Cale," the young man offers, seeming satisfied on some level. Though to what end he shows not as he turns to step back towards where his guitar is without another word. He takes it up and turns, settling back down into his seat. The instrument is rest across his lap, but for the moment his fingers sit over the strings without moving. His thoughts are allowed to drift for a few moments at least.

Kombo, for her part, looks over towards the door, then back to Chantel. "What I didn't tell him," she says quietly, "Is that in our Chicago, vampires are legal citizens. And lycanthropes are people too, even if we're still scared of you."

The pastel eyes flick to the doorway, listening to the hub-bub. She shifts her hands, running her fingers back through her hair, a band fished from a pocket, she sweeps it back into a ponytail with practiced ease. Juno maintains the long slow steady breaths.

Chantel stares at Kombo, and her mouth curves into a true smile, her grey eyes warming. "I won't be telling him that either, but I'll enjoy the thought of my grandchildren being free from hiding this." Her voice is softer, the real woman peeking out from behind the mask and then vanishing as the Regina sweeps in. She gives them a thoughtful look before she turns to Chantel, speaking as if the others are not there. "It seems that someone from their time was trying to summon Richardo here to join them. He deflect it, throwing it back to them as I understand it, and he thinks that perhaps this is the result." Chantel's eyebrows lift up, surprise on her pretty face and she steps back, glancing at the small group thoughtfully. Richardo waits at the doorway, nervously.

Gwenhwyfar's expression softens at Chantel's words, before she drops her head and shakes it slowly. But then she stills, her attention caught and held by the doorway exchange. "Richardo?" She straightens up from the wall, mismatched eyes wide. Her head cocks, peeking around the Regina to look at Richardo himself. "How come?"

Komodo's note to Chantel gets her an annoyed look from Cale. "Why is it I'm the only one that seems to take this seriously?" He shakes his head and says, "Both of you are on my list if the future ends up screwed when we get back and we remember it." While he doesn't sound entirely serious, part of him is indeed. When the Regina enters, Cale listens to what she has to say, then wonders, "So what does this mean for us? Can we get back? And if so, what effect will this have on.. well everything. And who started this little magical tennis match?"

"If giving people hope puts me on your list, you might as well kill me here and now," Kombo informs Cale. "Women just won the right to vote, here. The fight's still going, and all of us here have benefitted from it. Except maybe you." Her eyes sharpen. "Or perhaps you too." And then she's turning to the Regina with hope of her own, waiting to hear the answer to the question.

The eyes roll at Cale, then flick with interest to the Regina and Richardo. Juno sits up, leaning forward, palms rubbing on the knees of her jeans.

Richardo is obviously nervous and worried, his hands clasping and unclasping under the gaze of his Regina. He speaks, quickly, and stumbling, "Well, originally, the fault may be mine for the writings I had made, but the original …ah… tennis match serve came from your time. A tug to take me there. I am …" He glances at the Regina who nods slightly, before he continues. "Rather good at what I do. I pushed back and the spell backfired to them."

Gwenhwyfar pushes off of the wall, moving over to stand near Cale. Her hands slide into her pockets, fingers clenching. "Writ-…" She pauses, and glances down at Cale, before tabling her curiousity. She inclines her head in a nod, shifting her weight to her other foot. "Our first priority is could you still send us back?" Lips quirk. "And I have a lot of secondary questions."

Cale shakes his head slightly at Kombo's words, deciding to leave it be for now."Good at what you do? I suppose that means you might have made whatever they used? That's good, it means you know how to send us back. Only other question I have is, can you erase that we ever came here? I'm all for hope, but beyond that the amount of damage already done.. who can say? But I'd much rather play it safe and smooth over every wrinkle. I've read plenty of stories about time travel. None of them speak well on effecting the past. Stories aren't much to go by, but general principals of nature show that when you effect something, the effects carry forward. Just not always how you would like them to."

Still quiet, it seems she found her inner peace. Juno does listen intently to the questions and the answers. The brow crinkles a bit but she shrugs, and closes her lips as quickly as they part. The interest stays on the mage. (poses a touch early but needs to akf for a few minutes)

Kombo eyes Cale, then looks to Richardo. "If you can send us back, it'd be appreciated," she says. "If you can erase us having been here when we've gone home, even better, but that's probably wishful thinking. And if you need help finding out how it's done, I don't know a thing about the occult but I'm willing to learn."

"Richardo is perfectly capable of defending himself against threats from your time but throwing you back, he tells me, is a little harder." The Regina's words are quiet and her second is silent, watching thoughtfully. "But he will try. Will you not, Richardo?" The edge to those words signals her displeasure beneath the smile on her lips. "We cannot erase you but feel assured that you are unlikely to be spoken of, since we would sound insane."

Gwenhwyfar drops one hand to grip the back of Cale's chair, the curiousity in her expression dropping. Her hand flexes then relaxes as she lets out a breath. "At least there's a chance." Though, really, there's only minor things for her to go back to. Still, it'd be a lot more comfortable. Mismatched eyes flick from Regina back to Richardo. "It's not mage power, but I do have some magic, if it would be helpful." She knows at least one person really wants to get back.

"You not speaking of us isn't what I'm worried about. It's what you know now and how it will color your actions. It will. The only question is if it will be in a bad way, a good way or a neutral way," Cale replies. "The others can deride m e if they like, but I remain concerned. But there is little to be done for it now, but head off any more damage." His lips purse and he considers the elder man. "Do what you must. I don't know a thing about magic. I'll take the risk to get back to my time."

"What's good for some is bad for others," Kombo says philosophically. "Way of the world. Could be we get sent to a place with hovercars and Judge Dredd." That said, she sits down in order to pull her shoes back on.

Juno nods her head gently "Hey, we all finally agree on something, going back is the best outcome. I feel so close now, group hug" She doesn't move to get up, the tone neutral but the eyes show the sarcasm. "At least my folks won't think I was murdered. So, what next then?"

"We cannot promise the accuracy of my technique, nor that it will work." The man is clearly worried at the thought and he gives Gwen a slight smile, her offer met. "Your help would be most welcome, and…there will be a cost but we have thought of a way to bear that." He glances at the Regina whose tight smile isn't terribly reassuring. "Now Richardo has to go and prepare. We will return in an hour perhaps." The Regina speaks and then turns to leave, sweeping Richardo with her, and the door is closed.

Gwenhwyfar's lips twist. "Ain't that just the way with magic." She shrugs but bobs her head in a nod to him. Then blows out a breath, giving CAle's shoulder a gentle pat. "i'll help you get back, whatever way I can, Cale." She looks down with a grimace. "And just keep hopin this is an isolated stream that doesn't linearly connect with ours." Hey, she's about as reassuring as Richardo. As for prep, well, wen has no idea what they're doing, so her prep is to just sit on the arm of Cale's chair. Perhaps light conversation as she plays with her scarf.

Cale doesn't seem worried about the cost issue, but since they seem to have it covered for now, he lets them go without a word. He glances to Gwen and smirks finitely. "Time may be a river. But does it branch or all flow one way?" He shakes his head a little and then looks down to his guitar again. He'll start to play it and won't be closed to casual talk. Though he gives some outward calm, small hints of tension will slip past that facade.

Juno is quiet, introspective. The eyes look sad and a bit wistful, the arms crossed in an X over her chest as she stays in the seat. The hands holding her shoulders snugly enough her knuckles tinge a bit white. The eyes stay on the ceiling, clearing reading the mysteries of life intently.

Kombo, with the news that they'll be back in an hour, spends the hour meticulously destroying every single note she's made, every theory she's written down and every case she's noted. One by one, each sheet is fed to the fire and the ashes broken into flakes, all done calmly and meditatively.

Their return is more cautious, with Richardo carrying several items and one of the lions carrying a large silver bowl, containing blood. A good quantity of blood. For those with the scent, the blood is human. He settles it on the floor where Richardo indicates. The Regina watches this all from the doorway. "Please, give me a moment, and then join hands…" He busies himself with drawing patterns, symbols, on the floor.

"Or are there oxbows here and there which are snapped off from the main flow?" Lips curve quietly and Gwen quietly shakes her head. "I am no where near old enough to debate time, nor is it one of my knacks. I'm sorry, Cale." Her hand brushes gently down his arm before she straightens at the sound of approaching feet. She moves over towards Richardo, mismatched eyes curious, though she keeps her hands and questions to herself.

When they return, Cale rises smoothly. He checks that his bag is on him still, then picks up his guitar again. With one hand, he holds it resting on his shoulder while his other hand goes out to Gwen. He doesn't question it for now, merely doing as he's told for now. HIs nose twitching, eyes lingering firmly on Richardo.

Kombo rises to her feet when Richardo returns; she eyes the bowl of blood and shivers, but makes no complaint. She checks her own gear and moves to take the place she's pointed to, and at the signal, will take the hands of those next to her.

Juno slides up when indicated and takes hands with the fellow group of time travelers. The eyes look nervous as the flick around at the squiggles and marks on the floor. "Maybe we should have gone back to the park, if we pop into someone's basement.. " She smirks a bit, finding hilarity still in a strange situation. Perhaps it's her coping mechanism.

Richardo's preparations take a little time and then he looks up, seeking out Gwen with his gaze. "I believe this will work, and I think if you could just hold this…" He offers Gwen a smaller bowl, and then one to each of the others. In each bowl, he puts a little of the blood. "And then…" The Regina is watching, her second at her side, and behind her, the vampire known as Vincentio appears.

Gwenhwyfar meets Richardo's gaze, eyebrows lifting in a silent question. She drops one hand to cup the bowl, unconcerned with the blood being passed around, her other hand warm in Cale's. She glances over as Vincentio appears, an eyebrow arching before she mentally shrugs and turns her attention back to Richardo. He's directing this show afterall.

Cale grunts when he's offered a bowl. But after a moment he shifts his guitar under one arm, keeping one hand in Gwen's as he takes the bowl. It doesn't phase him at all, he merely waits for instructions. The vampire's return prompts a shift of his attention, however and he stares at the vampire warily.

Kombo takes the bowl she's offered with a wary look; when the vampire returns, she doesn't look at him. She stays focused on Richardo, on the bowl and on the blood within it.

Juno takes her bowl, blinking at the blood, a soft snigger that has a hiccuping hyena sound to it. The eyes flick up glancing at the others and the reactions. "So, are we supposed to hold hands, or bowls?" She flicks a wary eye toward the vamp, a shiver runs through her shoulders as she looks away.

"First the bowls, and then hands." Richardo walks around the circle, reaching into each bowl and marking each person on their forehead with a touch of the blood. His face is worried, his certainty not at all a certain thing, and then he nods to a lion who gathers the bowls. Then he glances at then, adding softly, "Speak these words together, after me, whilst holding hands. Think of the place from whence you have come." The Regina glances at the vampire, and he gives Cale a smile that lacks humour, his hand resting on the hilt of a sword he carries.

Gwenhwyfar's smile is softly amused, dipping her head to make the marking easier for Richardo. The bowl is handed over, her hands then lacing with the others, giving CAle's a gentle squeeze. Her feet shift slightly, head cocking to catch the words to say. Mismatched eyes partially closed, looking to Richardo but not focused as she tries to think of when they need to be.

Cale lets go of Gwen's hand and keeps his other hand on the guitar as he holds the bowl. He doesn't blink at being marked, and while he hands over the used bowl when it is done and rejoins hands with Gwen again, he keeps an eye on the vampire up until it comes time to start thinking. He settles his thoughts and closes his eyes. It isn't hard for him to do so, his mood calming some overall as he pictures the park as they left it.

Kombo shudders when the blood is dabbed on her forehead, then hands the bowl over when it's requested. Her hands go to those on either side of her, and she closes her eyes, focusing her mind on the Chicago she calls home as she listens for the words to repeat.

Juno flicks her eyes around the group as they retake hands and thinks of the park. She tries to focus on a desire to go back. The smear of blood barely registered. She listens closely for the words to repeat.

Richardo glances over at his Regina and she nods slightly. The man takes a steady breath before he speaks. "I do hope this works." Those words are rapid and then he steps outside of their circle, ducking beneath arms to do so. "Repeat these words." He steps towards the door, giving a clear field around them. "Me transmitte sursum, Caledoni."

Gwenhwyfar blinks, her eyes narrowing as Richardo scampers out. "Wait, you don't /know/?" Gwen huffs, then turns her attention abck to the circle, though her gaze flickers back to Richardo once more before closing to focus on where they're supposed to be going. An eyebrow flicks at the Latin, but sadly, she can't translate more than a vague sense. But she'll play along, tuning her voice to the others to repeat the phrase.

Cale gives Gwen a nudge for her being distracted. While he pays careful attention and repeats the words with the others in the same exact cadence and pronunciation, their meaning is lost on him. But he gives them a serious repeat, keeping the image in his head of where he wants to be, which is where he started this little adventure.

Kombo, eyes closed tight and calling up the mental image of the park she runs through most nights, repeats, "Me transmitte sursum, Caledoni." And then again. And again. Apparently this lawyer doesn't actually speak Latin - which is probably a good thing.

Juno keeps her focus on when and where they are supposed to be. She repeats the words with the others, trying to make sure the pronunciation is correct and all. "Me transmitte sursum, Caledoni."

Their focus seems to be causing something to happen, and there is that shimmer of heated air around them. Through it, there is one clear movement, the other figures still. Behind the Regina, the vampire's arm moves, drawing his sword and moving forward with a stab aimed at the lioness' heart. The world fades before they see if his aim is true, or if she fights back, fading to a dark park. At night. Suddenly cell phones, deprived of their calling, spring into life, delivering messages and declaring that it is ten days since they left the park before.

Gwenhwyfar's lashes lift slightly after the words to see if they've all been made fools of or if something's actually happening. Well, something's happening alright. Mis,atched eyes widen, but then are drawn away as they're sucked through time. Her hand tightens on Cale's, before her body jerks slightly as they 'land.' She blinks, blinks again, trying to refocus on the world around them, despite the message vibration in her pocket. "Well…" She draws her hands free to run through her hair and jerks around. "We're somewhere."

Cale opens his eyes as he feels the shimmer. But doesn't stop speaking the words and doesn't stop focusing on his destination. When the world becomes what he wants to see, he breathes out and stops, his eyes lifting. "The sky isn't raining blood," he says before his eyes lower and flick to the others, studying them briefly before he relaxes. "We're back.. and hopefully nothing has changed." He turns his head, looking around as he releases their hands lightly, lifting his guitar to rest against his shoulder once more. If what he's seen troubles him, again he doesn't show.

Kombo's eyes reopen at the sound of beeping, and she sags in relief, letting go of hands and reaching up to try and rub the blood off her forehead. "Thank God," she says fervently, and then she sags to the ground and just starts to cry.

"Shit.." Juno exclaims as she sees the action, then holds tight as they blimp in time. The cheeks flush a bit "Holy Shit.. did he.. " She jumps as her i-phone chimes. Juno takes out the i-phone, calling up CNN to scan the headlines. "Holy crap, Arnold Schwarzenegger is president" She looks up with a smirk "Just kidding, looks normal"

Gwenhwyfar draws out her own phone, a quick page through onl garnering a resigned sigh before she tucks it away again. She looks over at Cale, making a move towards him, then stopping. Juno and Kombo are ignored, hands tucking into the pockets of her jacket. "Well…I guess we'll see. I'm.." She trails off, then turns, walking back him and towards the exit of the park. "I'm heading home ot the pub. You best get home too. She'll be worried about you."

"Business as usual for some," Cale murmurs simply as he glances at Juno. Then he steps over to Kombo. As he does so, his hand lifts, brushing the blood from his forehead before he glances down at her and dips, one hand lowered to hoist her up firmly, but carefully. He looks over to Gwen. "I will, once I make sure she gets back safe." Though he'll only support as long as she requires and accompany her for as long as she wants before he leaves Kombo to her own devices.

Kombo looks up at Cale as she's hauled to her feet, standing under her own power once she's up. "And you can get off your god-damned high horse, mister," she says. "I didn't tell them how soon that world was gonna end. How soon Chicago would go from the greatest place in the world to the dump I was born in. Yeah, I gave them hope - but come the Great Depression, they're gonna need it."

The eyes flick to Cale with an icy glare. The lips part in a bit of mock awe then she just shrugs. "god you are insufferable" She turns to head out of the park "10 days, damn" clicking her thumbs deftly along the sideways i-phone to answer emails. "It's been real folks, have good lives and all"

Gwenhwyfar is reminded of the blood, glancing up and whiping it off with a quick lick and swipe of her thumb. She watches him move, eyes narrowing at Kombo. "Oh shut up, Kombo. Take the stick out of your ass. Maybe you can cuddle it for comfort." She sneers at the other women, then tosses her curls out of her face as Juno walks off. Turning, she zips up her jacket against the night and stalks off towards the Pier.

Cale lets go of Kombo when she's upright and stares at her for a moment. "What we just saw likely hit them harder than any depression would." His eyes go to Juno then and he starts to say something before she mentions the time that has past. That hits him and in a moment they are all but forgotten, his expression sliding into shock, then fear. "Fuck." He's gone the next moment, the young man almost running too quick for a normal human as he leaves the park.

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