Christian Ryan
Christian's Vitals
Name: Christian Ryan
Race: Wereleopard
Shortdesc: Tall biker looking guy. Black hair, white skin, blue eyes.
Position: Mechanic
Fame: None
Temperament: Protective, older-brother mentality
Themesong: Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace
Julian McMahon as Christian Ryan


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Christian? I think he's a new guy in town, from the sound of it he's from down South somewhere, though. Word is, he just got hired as a mechanic, and is pretty damn good.

Pard: Christian's a new cat from somewhere down South. From the feel of it, he's another Alpha, but his power itself is kind of hard to pin down. Rumor is, he had something of a rough and tumble experience in the early years of being a Lycanthrope. He often refers to himself as being "raised by wolves."

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