Church Of Eternal Life
Church of Eternal Life's Information
Type: Religious
Rating: n/a
Location: 377 North Ave: East
Fame: Vampire Church
Atmosphere: Pious
Owner(s): God
Manager(s): Presbyter Xanthus
Employee(s): Blue, Emerald, Agatha, Portia, Eamonn, Lane

The premise of the Church of Eternal Life is basically a simple one. Their promise of a never-ending life after physical death is not only assured, but provable in the very nature of the vampiric clergy and congregation.

A common notion is that the original plan was for vampires to be the go-between for Mankind and God; the watcher/messenger archangels of yore. The standards about removing blood from meat-type Kosher foods was not due to the 'impurity' of the blood, but instead due to blood being the 'food of angels'. Saints returning after their demise to perform miracles were the saints in their new elevated unlife status. The effect the crucifix has with backing faith or holy water has on vampires isn't due to a conflict of interest, but instead is akin to the stigmata; a sign of their connection to the divine, much like how sunlight was the first product of the six days of Creation, and thus strikes them down as well. There is also the matter of how the newly brought over start unlife after three days of death, much like the three days before the resurrection of Jesus.

It is due to the reactions vampiric beings have to crosses that the members of the Church of Eternal Life are often called 'Brightlighters'. The bright light that comes from the crosses as a proof of God, and vampires as the triggering-factor proof of their closeness to God.

The Church of Eternal Life recognizes a few levels in the faithful (AKA: 'Brightlighters'). At the most common level are the members of the Parish, also called the Baptized, the Faithful, etc.. who are often those brought over into the Vampiric fold. Above them are a few Deacons, in charge of helping bring over or oversee the bringing over of new Faithful. Above the Deacons is a Presbyter, in charge of that particular city's Church. All the cities' Presbyters answer to Bishop Malcolm (in St.Louis), and the Bishop answers to the dormant Queen of Nightmares. At least 30 US cities sport branches of the CoEL, a now-common landmark in metro areas of over 300,000 population.

Unlike the rest of vampiric culture, the Church really doesn't weigh any particular status to Master Vampires over other Vampires. In their eyes, to be (what other folks would call) a Master Vampire is merely a sign that one has more duties to fulfill and more work to do in the world, assisting in safely bringing over new Faithful, leaving the other Faithful (both vampire and non-vampire) members of the parish to instruct and empower. They also do not subscribe to mandatory blood-oathing, often claiming to be already bound to the highest Master of them all, God (which disproves the common theory of vampires "requiring" to be constantly oathed to a master vampire).

For the latest CoEL Staff, please consult the +views at the Church on North Avenue.

The February 2002 Church of Eternal Life arson incident resulted in the fatal departure of Presbyter Samuel DeLisco. The Church's rebuilding was with the appointment of the Presbyter Xanthus for the Chicago parish, who has remained even with the January 2007 vandalism. In November 26th of 2011, there was a series of bombings (supposedly by Humans First) that struck the Church.

Ingredi, Amicus, et estis Placide.

Enter, Friend, and be at Peace.


Divine love always has met, and always will meet, every need.

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