Cintia Murphy's Vitals
Name: Cintia Murphy
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Stunningly beautiful redhead with bright eyes
Position: Fresh faced model
Fame: n/a
Temperament: n/a
Themesong: "Hips don't Lie" Shakira
Cintia Dicker as Cintia Murphy


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Young Irish girl from deep in the northern lowlands looking to fufil her dreams.


Before you is a tall woman with long red hair. It flows down over her head, and shoulders in loose waterfall like waves almost like living flame reaching easily to the small of her back Just above her heart shaped ass ending in a v that nestles between her cheeks. Her skin is pale, and flawlessly smooth, her deep red eyebrows arch delicately over her blue eyes. Her nose is straight and flows femininely to her upturned nose sprinkled with freckles, giving her a bit of an innocent glint. This is added to by her high cheek bones, and fully cupid's bow shaped lips. Her chin is also delicate and could be considered "chisled".

Her neck sways down from her head to her shoulders gracefully, and femininely melding into her shoulders gracefully. Fitting snug around it is a thin black lace choker with a crimson spider charm hanging directly beneath her chin. It dangles against her skin beautifully.

Her shoulders sweep delicately into lithe, but well toned arms. This woman is obviously no weight lifter, but she is indeed in shape. The shape of her arms tapers into her forearms which again taper down into her delicate wrists, and graceful looking hands. Standing proudly upon her chest, her breasts are full and large, though likely no larger than an average sized man's hands. Wrapped tightly around her chest, below her arms is a white tubetop complete with a radioactive symbol that does little to hide the shape of her breasts or nipples. It clings to her curves tightly pushing her breasts together showing off a nice bit of cleavage and ends abruptly just above her belly button.

Her waist sways in nicely and then back out towards her hips, and her belly is flat, well toned. The outline of her musculature beneath her creamy skin can be clearly seen, showing her to be a woman who works out and keeps in peak physical shape. Her tiny navel peeks out from amidst her sixpack showing her to be the possessor of an "inny" belly button.

Her hips sway out beautifully, not overly wide, but wide enough to show she is definately female. Hugging tight to her hips, and upper thighs, she wears a smooth black micro-mini skirt that does little to hide the shape of her body. It cuts off high on her thighs, barely covering her sex, though should she bend just right one might catch a glimpse.

Should she turn the succulent curve of her heart shaped ass will come into view. The twin globes of her ass cheeks are perfectly round, and firm. She has the curves of a dancer, or model perhaps. All of which can be clearly seen beneath the tight material of her skirt. Issuing from beneath the skirt, straps of a garter belt hang below the hem on the front and backs of her thighs.

Further down, her thighs are creamy and beautiful. She is obviously a woman who works out regularly as her muscle tone is firm, and well defined without being bulky. Her thighs taper down to her knees and calves. Glimpsed perhaps on her inner left thigh, just above her knee, is a small cartoon devil, who appears to have latched onto her flesh, and is peering up toward her sex with a comically hungry look in his eyes, as if climbing toward his goal. Her calves curve out nicely before they too taper down into her ankles. Her ankles are delicate and feminine, and beautifully formed. Clinging to her thighs, and sliding down along the contours of her legs, are a pair of black fishnet stockings that offset her pale skintone beautifully. Her feet are delicate, and feminine, and proportional to a woman her height and size. She wears a pair of black stilletto high heel shoes that form into points at the toe, and cause her to walk sensuously when she walks.

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