Claudia's Vitals
Name: Claudia Gabrielle Dubois
Race: Fae
Shortdesc: 5'6", Shoulder length Cherry black hair, pale complexion
Position: Unseelie Court
Fame: Bartender at the House of Blues
Temperament: Always friendly
Themesong: "Almost Human" Voltaire
DreamPretty as Claudia Gabrielle Dubois

General: New to Chicago in mid-September 2004, and apparently to the U.S. Currently she bartends at The House of Blues and acquired the nickname 'Frosty'

Fae: Claudia is an interesting Fae, something out of the ordinary. Some sort of Fae mix. Unnatural. A form of Banshee that hails from the south of France; They call themselves 'Servantes de la mort' Handmaidens of Death.

WARNING: The following information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless you have the IC means to access it.

Aura of Cold
Surrounded by a constant chill. About a foot away it feels almost like there's a draft in the room. The closer one gets to her skin, the closer to ice-cold it feels. Her actual skin is skin-temperature, though. This isn't an illusion but actually chills things, so she has a hard time keeping warm food warm while eating it unless she keeps it a good distance away from her and eats it right away.

Although sunlight and lamplight have no strange effects, moonlight passes straight through Claudia. On a clear night with the full moon, she is virtually translucent, with only her hair, eyes (the entire eye, so it she closes her eyes they're still visible through the translucent skin), and any clothes or makeup visible. It's never truly invisible though, but instead just faded and foggy. It has the odd effect of 'overriding' normal light, so if she were in the full moon light she's look awfully clear, and a flashlight's beam would pass right through her. But anything that blocks the moonlight stops the effect. For statistical effects, check +today. If it's not overcast or snowing or anything that'd block the moon's light, she blends in for 1/10th of the fullness percent of the moon. Fortunately, food doesn't show up inside of her. Anything that's actually in her (food, tongue piercings, beans in her ears) vanish as well.

Known Associates:


(Mssr. Lyle Algernon-DuBois)

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