CLAW's Information
Type: Charity
Rating: 3 star
Location: Floor 11, Sears Tower
Fame: Committee for Lycanthrope Acceptance and Welfare
Atmosphere: All Business
Owner(s): Board of Lycanthrope
Manager(s): Robert
Employee(s): Una


The Committee for Lycanthrope Acceptance and Welfare is run by the leaders of several Lycanthrope groups, including wolves, leopard, rat, lion, foxes and hyena. The chairman is Alessandra Bendoni, Lupa of the local werewolf pack. The full board is not known, and the employee list is kept private.


Not all of CLAW's employees are publicly known but some are.

Una Walker - PR

Informing the Public

It has a website, with a list of seminars for information on living with and understanding Lycanthropy. These can be arranged by contacting Erin. There are occasional public appearances to publicise the organisation.

Supporting the Members

This information is limited to those PCs whose group is part of the coalition.

There is a helpline, providing legal, medical and other support to the members. This is manned by alphas and strong betas who are able to prevent another's shift with their own beast.

There are medics and healers with pagers, accessible via the helpline or directly by the members of the board - i.e., the leaders of the groups involved. There is a portable clinic that moves regularly, rotating around the city.

Joining C.L.A.W.

Any Lycanthrope group is welcome to join, but some have chosen to opt out at this time. However, the board must vote on whether to admit new groups.

IC Use of C.L.A.W.

Pard, Rodere, Lukoi and Skulk can all access the resources. Please be aware that other PCs may be busy or unavailable and that should not be held against them, or pressure used to make them abandoned their pretendy funtime games for yours. However, NPCs are manning the helpline when the PCs are not available.

On Call

There is a toll-free helpline for members, and the following PCs have agreed to be on call. They can be paged to see if they are free to ICly man the helpline.


Healing and Medical Aid

The following PCs have agreed to be medical aid on call and have IC pagers. They can be paged to see if they are free to ICly respond. Medics: Coordinated by MaryJane, assisted by Raymond.


Legal Aid

The following PCs have been retained on behalf of C.L.A.W.


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