Constanza Alvarez's Vitals
Name: Constanza Alvarez
Race: Were-Spider (Black Widow)
Shortdesc: Skinny 5'7" Dark Haired Latina Waif
Position: Manager of Wear Me Out second-hand store
Fame: n/a
Temperament: n/a
Themesong: n/a
Unknown as Constanza Alvarez


New to Chicago, and new owner of Wear Me Out Clothes at Water Tower Plaza - Michigan Street North, summer of 2006

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1978, August 15th a baby girl named Joy Martina was born to a Mexican mother and an American father. Her life as a young girl was that of fortune and misfortune. The girls parents where upper upper class yet her nanny had more of a loving touch with her than her actual parents. In 1983 the child and the nanny went missing from the south of Texas. The years passed and the two where no where to be found, possible kidnapping? What actually happened is more misfortune and fortune. The families nanny was a rare form of shifter. A Black Widow spider to be exact, a family curse. The Latina nanny and Joy formed a loving bond, like mother and daughter before she was five. In 92 Esperanza told Joy the truth. It was close to the age of her first change and she explained everything to her. The fact that her parents where not her real parents and that Esperanza was her real mother, and she was living in a "safe house", posing the nanny. Bringing the girl through her first change and every other after over the years. As well as teaching the girl the proper and unproper ways to feed. Esperanza started calling Joy the name Contenza, or Constance, as in a Constant Joy to raise.
Older now and seperated from her mother, Constance fell in love with sewing, between web and fabric. She loved working with it all. Eventually she tries to make a living with her craft, doing private work as a Seemstress and selling her own personal works where ever she can. The road led her to chicago. Not long after arriving the girl happened to have a shop owner for lunch. And not the sitting at the table sharing small talk kind of lunch. She ate him. Now claiming the second hand shop as her own. Living out of her new establisment she is now at home… Chi town.


Amalia Lynwood
Wesley W. Ozmund

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