Crayton Jonathon Meluci's Vitals
Name: Crayton Jonathon Meluci
Race: Italian/African, Were Leopard (Panther Coloration)
Shortdesc: Handsome olive skinned man, athletic build and dresses a little rough. Shaved black hair and dark brown eyes.
Position: Bouncer at the Basement
Fame: None
Temperament: Confident, cocky, but not offensively so.
Themesong: None at this time.
Anthony Gallo as Crayton Jonathon Meluci


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Cray is an almost cocky seeming bouncer out of Detroit. He left his pard there due to issues with some actions they had taken in the past and is now looking for the pard here in Chicago, as well as looking for a new job. His usual response when people ask him how he became a Leopard is "Bounced the wrong damn person." It's usually said with a cheeky almost amused looking grin on his lips.

He arrived in January of 2009 and immediatley settled in with the pard, finding this new pard to be an extremely welcoming group of people. He can usually be found at the Basement in the bar or the club where he works as a bouncer.

He grew close with a few of the women around the city, but began to settle down with another pard member by the name of Shiloh. They grew close though they had a few arguments here and there. He and Shiloh both left the city though, together in August of 2009 following the death of the Nimir-Ra at the hands of Eric the rat king.

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