• The lycanthropy virus can only thrive in a living, human host. As such, a vampire can't catch it (not living), a fairy can't catch it (not human), and a zombified shapeshifter won't be able to do any shifter things (three days of death cures lycanthropy).
  • Vampires can only bring over humans, so attempts to bring over fairies will result in what you'd expect if someone stabbed that particular fairy in the neck with two pencils and let them bleed out. Vampires can feed on some fairies, though; The rule of thumb is that if the "donor fairy" could transfuse their blood to a human, with the human recipient surviving the experience, a vampire could feed off of that particular fairy's blood. There are generally no strange, trippy side effects from a vampire consuming fairy blood, although some vampires report a temporary subconscious "hypnotic implant" as if they had access to the fairy's innate knacks (EG: Vinny Vampire feeds off of Sammy Sprite. Sammy Sprite can naturally fly as a knack, and Vinnie doesn't have the vampiric Flight ability. Vinny may or may not feel for a while that he might be more likely to be able to fly, but not to the degree that he's going to toss himself off of a building). Some vampires report that shifter blood "tastes better" or is more potent than human blood, but that might be the taste of conquest.
  • Fairies can't catch lycanthropy, can't become vampires, any attempts to zombify a dead one will just produce a ghost, and (mysteriously) no amount of religious faith will provide a fairy access to "Faithful Tricks". A female fairy may or may not be able to bear the child of a male shifter (or a male human), depending on the same rule of thumb about blood transfusion seen above.
  • A human with funky tricks (Psychic, Sorcerer, Animator, Faithful, Summoner) can become a vampire or a shapeshifter, and will retain their previous abilities. A human can't become a fairy, nor can a previously mundane human pick up the aforementioned funky tricks unless they were already born with the knack.
  • If a vampire attempts to bring over any sort of shifter (be it virus-style or curse-style shifter), it always results in the death of the shifter. The process may seem to be working, with the corpse demonstrating luminescence and a lack of decay over the next three days, but the innate magical vampire stasis is "confused" by the fact that the target could change shape. As such, since it is unable to determine what form it should make the newly risen vampire to be, the crossed signals result in the new vampire rising only to suffer a massive system shock and die again, moments later. In some horrifying instances, it has been known to prompt a chain reaction wherein the ex-shifter lies dead for three days, rises only to die of grand mal seizures and massive organ failure, remain dead for three days, rise again only to seize and die again, continuing until the corpse is staked, beheaded, burnt, or otherwise rendered unable to rise again.
  • If a cursed shifter gets infected by a virus-style shifter, ???
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