Dakota's Vitals
Name: Dakota Sunshine Anderson
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Silver streaked blond hair blue eyes
Position: Cop
Fame: None
Temperament: Dry
Themesong: John Lawby Dropkick Murphys
Lucy Lawless as Dakota Sunshine Anderson

A good cop, she tends to follow the rules, but she has one major problem: she hates it when someone gets a lighter sentence or released due to their socioeconomic standing. If you were to ask Dakota, she would tell you she still thinks about going back to get her JD, but everyday she goes in to work the job. After being warned off a case, being almost killed by a suicide bomber, and the general attitude of Us versus them Dakota faced in the harsh climate of Las Vegas, the police woman has moved. As far away from the desert as she can get. To a town were normal citizens don't all pack 50 caliber guns loaded with silver shot, to a sane place. Chicago.

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