Damion's Vitals
Name: Damion
Race: Fae
Shortdesc: Tall, Lengthy, Pale
Position: Wicked.
Fame: Owner of Divine Torture
Temperament: Cold and calculated.
Themesong: {$Themesong}
Luke Goss as Damion

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

+ Info

General: Damion is the owner of Divine Torture, as of March 2010. For those familiar with who runs the place, he's the 'latest' owner. He's not one to normally be seen 'around town', those who do meet him, tend to remember. Damion likes to leave an.. impression.

Fae: Damion is a Saytr. Dark, and quiet, he's not quite the sociable fellow, except for in his.. preferred situations. Rumor has it, that he's /old/ too. Real old.

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