DeeDee's Vitals
Name: Deandra Delilah Price
Race: Were-Leopard
Shortdesc: Tall young woman with dark hair and eyes.
Position: Potter/Artist, Assistant Manager of 'The Basement', OOC: Nimir-Ra .
Fame: Known for her hosting of 'The Basements' Wild Wednesdays. People coming from California would know her as the Shifter who lost her children to her ex-husband in a custody dispute, because she was deemed a danger to her children for being a shifter.
Temperament: Fairly easy person to get along with, she is caring and willing to comfort those who need it. Maybe that's the mom in her.
Themesong: "Is There Life out There?" - Reba McEntire
Sandra Bullock as Deandra Delilah Price


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

The Early Years - DeeDee has a fairly normal childhood. She lived in a small desert town in California. She had supportive parents, good grades, and a loving boyfriend. It was pretty much story book. Once graduated, she married her childhood sweetheart straight out of high school. And within a year of their marriage she had their first baby, a son. A few years later she gave birth to their young daughter. Life was good, her husband worked as a security guard at a local hospital and she sold some of her pottery on the side to help out.

The Attack - Being in a small town everyone knew their was a small pard of leopards and a few vampires living there. DeeDee didn’t really think much of it. In fact, one of her friends and frequent customers was a were-leopard, Perdy. However, things were turned upside down when her friend warned her to watch out, that there was a rogue leopard in town. Unfortunately, the warning slipped her mind when her infant daughter was sick with a cold. DeeDee left the house to run to the local drug store late one night. As she went to slip into her minivan she was grabbed from behind. At the site of some long gleaming teeth and dusky spotted fur, she fainted. When she came too she was covered in her own blood and some sort of sticky goo. A leopard stood over her holding a limp furred body in it‘s jaws. She fainted again and woke up in the hospital, with her husband beside her.

The Change - She healed quickly and was home again with her children in no time. However, the peace was short lived when Perdy showed up at her door with some very bad news. Perdy sat her down and explained the events that DeeDee didn’t remember. It seemed the rogue leopard was interested in her in such a way it made DeeDee blush at the mention of it. He had drawing his claws through her stomach when Perdy showed and stopped him.. But her changing over DeeDee might have cause a problem. DeeDee might be turning furry in a month. So as the full moon grew closer Perdy and her pard visited DeeDee more often, until they were certain the change was coming. On the first full moon since she was attacked, DeeDee shifted into a leopard heralding the beginning of some big changes in her life.

The Loss of her Family - With her first change, DeeDee had to tell her husband the truth of what was happening. When she told him his reaction seemed supportive, but he smelled of sharply of fear. He grew distant and he seemed reluctant to leave her with the children. DeeDee’s constant association with the local pard didn’t help her already strained relationship. So it did not come as a surprise when her husband asked for a divorce and filed for sole custody of their children. He won the case and DeeDee was faced with a life without her kids. It was deemed to dangerous for her to have more then guarded visits.

A New Life -Years passed and eventually, the feelings her ex had about her condition seemed to be projected on her children. And even though years later she had a lot more control over her beast, her children seemed to only see her as a monster. So at age 29, she decided it was best if she stepped out of their lives. It wasn’t an easy decision, but the best one she could think of. With this separation she said goodbye to Perdy and the Pard that had taken her in and moved to the larger city of Chicago. She has never lived in such a large city so she’s still feeling lost, but she hopes to start over and hopefully start a little pottery and ceramics shop. She does somewhat fear meeting the local pard, but she knows she can’t stay in solitude for long.

Currently Events (AKA: What has happen since she started playing.)
After what seemed like a shaky start, DeeDee is settling into the pard life very well. Surrounded by some very wonderful people, she's slowly becoming more comfortable with who and what she is. She's currently set aside her dream for a little pottery shop of her own and has taken on the responsibility of Assistant Manager at The Basement. The only negative in her life currently is the looming threat of loosing her rights to her children who live with thier father in California.

Something is going on with the sweet and gentle Dee. Ever since her mate, Christian, took up the mantle of leadership she's become less the timid wallflower. There is change coming to this gentle woman. She has spent her entire life as a leopard suppressing what she was for the courts and her children. But… what would happen if she didn't have a reason to hold herself back anymore?

New - DeeDee tried to be a good leader, she really did. But in the end the drive to find Christian was much stranger and DeeDee left Chicago to find Her mate and lover.

Known Players
These are her friends and associates that she's met over the time she's been in Chicago.
Christian - Wereleopard - Nimir-Raj. He is her protector, lover and mate. She has such deep feelings for the man even if he does drag her out in the snow and is completely and utterly commited to him.
Hayden - Wereleopard - Second in command. A new friend she's getting to know. Seems to be very close to Louis
Jeremy - Were snow leopard - One of her best friends, first pard member met. She feel close to him, even loves him and that makes her feel very protective of him.
Keith - Wereleopard - New leopard. Seems like a good guy and willing to protect the pard.
Talen - Wereleopard - New leopard. This kid appeals to the mother in her and he even calls her 'mum'. She feels the need to protect and comfort the boy.
Anabel - Were Clouded Leopard - New shifter. Doesn't know much about her yet.
Ahikam -Wereleopard - Pard Omega. She knows he's a good kid and feels very protective of him.
Louis - Vampire - He's her friend…. or so he /makes/ her think.
Gage - Wereleopard - Best Friend and Alpha. She is his DeeBear and dress up doll.
Mischa- Wereleopard - Very close friend after a shakey start.

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