Raena Tameri DeLark's Vitals
Name: Raena Tameri DeLark
Race: Vampire
Shortdesc: A striking brunette with starburst green eyes.
Position: Translator
Fame: n/a
Temperament: n/a
Themesong: n/a
Rachel Weisz as Raena Tameri DeLark


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Lady Raena DeLark arrived in the city in late Sep 2008. Rumor has it she works as a Translator, or Translates old books and scrolls. Some say she's a collector as well.

OOC: She controls the emotion: Fascination, which is like an intense curiosity mix with allure and lustful desires. (This is pretty much the desire when one finds something different and unusual and simply must get to know it/them better, to the point of wanting to listen to what they have to say). Active use of this ability will be rare, but a passive aura may be felt within 10-20 feet of her presence even if it is just a hint of 'maybe you find her interesting enough to talk to'. Of course, what one feels does not necessarily determine the response.

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