Delilah's Vitals
Name: Delilah LeMorte
Race: American, Human
Shortdesc: Short, Blonde, Goth, Hot.
Position: Gothic/Fetish Model
Fame: Model with a thing for Guns.
Temperament: Manic-Happy & Hedonistic.
Themesong: Super Freak - Rick James
Jaime King as Delilah LeMorte


WARNING: The following information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless you have the IC means to access it.

General: A modern day Betty Page, though she seems to favor guns over Fetish. A goth Model known to pose with pistols, or machine guns. Late in the summer of 2007 she did a job modeling as devil-girl for a mascot for The Third Circle club here in Chicago. Sometime in 2008 she started working at The Second Circle on top of still modeling full time. She doesn't work as often as the regular strippers do, but she does it often enough.

Vampire: Definitely snack food.



  • Gino Contare, she can be found often hanging out with- or rather off of -Gino at the Third Circle.
  • Sydney Prower, Delilah's recently been spotted hanging out with Sydney at places like Lincoln Park and the Wyld Hunt.
  • Mia Love, Recently Delilah and Mia have seen to be quite good friends and hanging out around The Second Circle, while Mia complains about Something Wicked being closed.

Died in late October of 2008. (Click for Details)

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