Demetris Gallery
Demetris Gallery's Information
Type: Art Gallery
Rating: 3 Stars
Location: 2453 Lake Shore Drive
Fame: N/A
Atmosphere: N/A
Owner(s): N/A
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): N/A


Perhaps the most remarkable attribute to this gallery is the extensive useage of old world touches. The walls are painted a rich mulberry, graced with decorative moulding of real gold leaf. The lighting fixtures have an old world flair, customized with wrought iron flourishes that hold both the soft, suffused illumination, as well as the moveable track lighting which is set to cast light onto the pieces displayed herein.

The floors of this place are made of a deep, rich wood, varnished and sealed to a high shine, bespeaking a natural, warm history. The room is fairly large and open, though their are antique furnishings placed here and there for the pleasure of the art viewer. There is small cluster of antique venitian tables set up in the back. They are all bare, save the middle, which holds, in a leather portfolio, the price listing for the current works, as well as business cards for the gallery, the artist(s), and a book for the signatures and mailing information of visitors to the gallery. There is also a small gilt holder bearing cards for a winery of the same name as the gallery. Soft music is piped in through hidden speakers about the room.

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