Desdemona I. Gavrilli's Vitals
Name: Desdemona I. Gavrilli
Race: Lukoi
Shortdesc: Dark hair, slim stature, Italian
Position: Street Mechanic
Fame: N/A
Temperament: Italian, nuff said.
Themesong: N/A
Federica Felini as Desdemona I. Gavrilli


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Des, as she is called by most, is a hot headed, tomboy of an Italian mechanic who has spent a majority of her life in her father's auto shop, in New York. Growing up with three older brothers will teach you either to submit, or to hold your own. It seems for the most part that Des can hold her own. Currently her brothers have settled down with family in New York, two out of three already married with children and all of them still working in the family business.

She's known in the street racing circuit in New York as well as New Orleans. Having won more than her fair share of races, it seems the restless wolf didn't find the family she wanted in Louisiana. Now, having settled in Chicago she's hoping to hit the racing circuit and feed that need for high speed. Right now, she's seeking employment as well as a meet up with the local Lukoi and Ulfric.

For the most part, Des prefers her mother's tongue, which is Italian but she can speak English without issue.

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