Devious Designs
Devious Designs's Information
Type: Tattoo parlor
Rating: 3 Stars
Location: 2083 Blue Island Avenue: Crimson District
Fame: N/A
Atmosphere: Clean, for a tattoo parlor
Owner(s): N/A
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): N/A


The interior of this large shop is, like most tattoo shops, covered wall to wall in designs of all shapes sizes and colors. Lions, Tigers and bears, oh my! Along with tribal, floral and every other design imaginable. The thing that makes this different then many body art shops, is the emphasis on branding and piercing that also adorn the walls in the way of hand crafted metal brand designs as well as cases upon cases upon cases of body jewelry from simple stainless steel to titanium and gold. By appointment, one can have a vampire tattooist on hand to Roll the pain away (for a nominal fee).
Many three sided cubicles closed by beautiful and colorful curtains are placed here and there, tiny little perfectly sterile environments with table and equipment and bio-hazard trash can. Towards the back a hallway opens up, leading towards more private rooms in which some one may get art done in sensitive areas, or for those who simply wish a quieter more personal experience. The higher end jewelry is kept at the back of the store beside the counter, under lock and key. Upon the counter is a register as well as many photo albums to allow patrons to see what some of the work looks like done on real people.


In the Greater Chicago Metro Area, it is a crime to tattoo someone under 21 years of age, and to perform a piercing on someone under 18 years of age. Punishable by up to a $1500 Fine &/or up to 30 days in jail.

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