Devon Alexander Fitzroy's Vitals
Name: Devon Alexander Fitzroy
Race: Human-ish (Half Human - Half Sidhe)
Shortdesc: Attractive young man with blond hair & blue eyes
Position: Chef and host of a TV cooking show
Fame: The "Sexy Gourmet" on "Intimate Food"
Temperament: Generally annoyingly peppy
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Chris Watrin as Devon Alexander Fitzroy


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Just over twenty-three years ago, Daphne Fitzroy met a man in a bar. She wasn't much more than a girl and was charmed by his Old World sophistication. She had lived her entire life in a small town in the middle of nowhere, and the most attractive man she had ever seen was flirting with her. She had never planned on sleeping with the man, but she found herself in a hotel room the next morning with orchid on the pillow next to her. A month later she discovered she was pregnant and didn't even have the name of the man who had knocked her up. Eight months later, Daphne gave birth to a beautiful, baby boy, that she named Devon Alexander Fitzroy.

Devon grew up a happy child. Granted he and his mother never really had a lot, and his maternal grandparents disowned their daughter when she got pregnant out of marriage, so it was just the two of them. She worked two jobs to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. When Devon was old enough, he started cooking dinner so that it would be ready when his mom got home. That is how his love of food started. For him food equals love and happiness.

When Devon was in high school, he managed to get a job at the one local restaurant that was more than a diner or steak house. The cook, who insisted on being referred to as chef, had taken a few classes at the tech school, and so thought he was above doing the prep work. That was what Devon was hired to do. One night the Chef Wilson was so sick he had to leave the restaurant, and Devon quickly volunteered to take care of the rest of the shift. It just so happened that particular evening, a reviewer for Food & Wine magazine was in the restaurant. He was so impressed with the food that he wanted to meet the cook in this little hole in the wall. When he saw that it was a sixteen year old boy, he was even more impressed. He gave Devon some contact information for some of the best cooking schools in the country. As soon as he was out of high school, he headed off to New York City and the French Culinary Institute.

In no time, Devon graduated through the program and was working at a restaurant in New York. He wow'd and charmed several of the refined palettes, until he was one of the bright stars of the restaurant world. The young and handsome chef garnered the attention of many different people, one of which being a television executive who saw a great amount of potential and soon Devon was being referred to as the 'Sexy Gourmet' and found himself signing a contract to do a televised cooking show, "Intimate Food".

Recently, contracts were bantered back and forth and it was decided that Devon and his show would be moving to a new location, to avoid any conflicts with some other cooking shows set in New York. So it was decided the the culinary wonder and his show would be relocated to Chicago, along with the release of his first cooking book.

What started off as a local cooking show in New York and became an overnight sensation, Intimate Foods hosted by Devon Fitzroy, dubbed the Sexy Gourmet and named last year as one of New York City's most eligible bachelors, will be coming to Chicago. Valentine's Day, it was announced along with the release of his first book 'Romantic Cooking - Food for Lovers' that the popular cooking show would be moving to a major network and filmed here in Chicago. There are also rumors that the young chef is looking into opening up his premier restaurant in the Windy City.

What Devon does not know is that his father was not just some random stranger. His father was actually one of the Lords of the Seelie Court. The inhuman father watched his child from a distance, with all intention of claiming his son and whisking him away to his world. Unfortunately, before Finnchad ever got the chance. He was killed, literally, on the way to go take his son from the mundane existence that he was abandoned to. Devon has no idea that he is anything but an all-American human boy, nor does he have any clue that the good luck he has always experienced is an aspect of his fae-nature acting through his subconscious.

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