Dick's Last Resort
Dick's Last Resort's Information
Type: Restaurant
Rating: 3 Star
Location: Division Avenue: East
Fame: Waiters calling you names and throwing things at you.
Atmosphere: Rude, crude, and socially unacceptable!
Owner(s): n/a
Manager(s): n/a
Employee(s): n/a


The atmosphere of Dick's Last Resort is certainly different than your typical restaurant. The waitstaff are rude, slovenly, sarcastic, and generally up to no good.. and that is the primary appeal of the Last Resort. Cat calls, yelled insults, and occasionally the odd swear word are all heard here. Bartenders loudly accuse customers of being drunks if they order a second round of drinks, waitstaff often toss handfuls of napkins and straws at tables after the orders have been delivered, and it's not unheard of for the staff to lock folks in the bathroom if they go in there too often.

The floor is covered in weathered wood and stained and scarred with a thousand dropped plates and spilled drinks. Despite that, however, it's clean and offers a wide variety of food. Steak, seafood, pasta - you can be assured you'll get your fill of Dick's.






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