Dimitrie Lucasta's Vitals
Name: Dimitrie Lucasta
Race: Vampire
Shortdesc: Average height, pale olive skin, curly ebony hair and sea blue eyes.
Position: None Yet
Fame: Having a herd of deer follow him through a forest for two days.
Temperament: Calm and Friendly
Themesong: None
Avi Ben-Ezra as Dimitrie Lucasta


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He eyes the world with a pair of deep blue eyes that rival the sea, dark curls of a deep ebony seem to always be in his eyes, dangling down to the back of his neck and brushing over his shoulders. Olive complexioned skin is soft and smooth, though paler than it probably should be, cool to the touch. Of average height, he wouldn't likely draw many peoples eyes except for his smile. It has an almost enigmatic quality, yet is warm and lights up his eyes with warmth. He wears a pair of finely tailored breeches in a dark shade of brown, tucked into a pair of black laced boots. His shirt is of an older style, deep blue with ruffled cuffs, buttoning only to midchest where an abundance of silk is gathered. A black leather belt with a gold buckle.


Dimitrie was born in 1823 in Moldavia, part of Romania in Eastern Europe, to a middle class merchant. He was the only son, the youngest of five children. Being the only boy, he was quite favored over his sisters, they were after all, only girls. His education was the best that could be found, private tutors that spent hours of every day training him to follow in his father's footsteps. When he was twelve his father started taking him on business trips, traveling the country side, finding the farmers with the best sheep with the finest wool, buying and then selling the wool in the cities to the best weavers. Over the years as he grew up, he seemed to have an affinity of some sort with animals. They seemed as much at ease with him as he with them. Horses, cats, birds, sheep, even the wild dogs that roamed his families land all seemed to enjoy his company. He spent much of his free time outside, wandering his fathers land, exploring and learning what he could.

The older he got, the more time he spent traveling with his father, further and further away from home. The trips grew longer and soon enough his father was sending him on his own trips. Dimitrie loved these trips, out in the world on his own, able to explore more land by himself. He would often stay a few nights at Inns in small towns, riding out into the forests, even spending the night out alone, leaving the hired guards to watch the inventory while he was gone. It was on one of these nights that he met the man that would change his life forever. Rashidi was a small man, barely into his early thirties, and his dark skin had a certain pallor to it that made him quite striking. Dimitrie had first seen the man in the Inn while eating his evening meal, he was sitting across the room a glass of wine before him, wearing a finely tailored suit. They seemed to study each other briefly, exchanging the polite nods that were necessary in such a place.

Later that evening, as Dimitrie was laying out beneath the stars, the man was suddenly there. No footsteps had been heard, no crunching of twigs and dirt that most would make while walking in the forest. Startled at the approach, Dimitrie started to rise to his feet, drawing his sword from his scabbard, only to find the man standing suddenly behind him, his arms pinned to his sides. "I would not try such a thing if I were you." The words said with a barely hidden snarl, then followed just as quickly by a laugh. "I am not here to harm you young one, merely to partake in your company for a time." With that the man let Dimitrie go and settled himself down upon the ground in a smooth motion.

Dimitrie stood there, watching the man nervously. Never had he seen anyone that could move quite as fast as this man, and something strange about him drew him. Slowly he sat down across from the man, and from the first moment he started to speak, Dimitrie was taken by him. They spent that evening together, talking throughout the night until early morning before the first rays of day. Dimitrie had lain down on the cold ground, covered only by a thin blanket he had brought with him, falling asleep to the sound of the man's smooth barritone voice. The next afternoon he found himself in his Inn room, wrapped up warmly beneath the blankets, believing most of the night to be a dream. His neck was sore and when he examined it in the little piece of silver that served for a mirror he found two little pricks there, the area a little bruised. Thinking he'd been bit by some large insect, he didn't give it much thought and set about getting ready to travel once again, as it was much later than it should have been, the evening before nothing but a dim memory.

The next week went as normal, his business being finished he started to head back to his home and family. On the last night of his travels, the man met him once again. Dimitrie was quite surprised to see this man he thought he had only dreamt of reappear, finding himself even more drawn to him than he had before. It was on this night that Dimitrie lived his last, Rashidi having followed him for the week, observing him and his ways. Rashidi took Dimitrie into his arms and fed upon him, revealing his true nature. For days or weeks, Dimitrie wasn't sure of the time span, Rashidi fed from him, day bled into night and night into day, until his body died. That was the start of his new life.

They traveled together for nearly sixty years, Rashidi teaching him about life and the world. Dimitrie, like Rashidi, was of Padma's blood line, his affinity with animals being one of the things that had drawn the vampire to him. His ability with animals seeming to only increase over the years. They spent much of their time in the wilderness, where they were both much more comfortable, but the life of the cities drew them as well. They spent years in France and Italy, even returned to Rashidi's homeland of Egypt for quite some time. They never stayed in one place for too long, avoiding suspicion of what they were and keeping safe. Finally they went their seperate ways, having grown bored of one another's company. Eventually Dimitrie made his way to the United States, living in Lousiana for some time before moving to the city of Chicago. He often parades as an animal breeder, surrounding himself with the animals he so dearly loves. He has spent much of his time educating himself, adding to that which he had as a young boy, attending various universities over the years and studying wide subjects, including various languages, history, and culture.


Amun Dimitrie has oathed himself to this man.
Tatum New vampire on the scene, met at SeVen.
Savina Works at La Pomme Rouge, helped set Dimitrie up with a place to stay.
Samuel Savina's servant.


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