The world of Windy City Mux is based off of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series created by Laurell K. Hamilton. The copyright for that world and the characters therein is held by her and her publisher. For that reason, for the purpose of this game, there is no Anita Blake. All terminology that may be considered copyrighted has been removed. There is no Jean-Claude, Richard, Asher, et al. Your characters don't know of them, they will never show up on the grid as PCs or NPCs, and they do not nor have never existed ICly. By using the '+accept' command, you agree to release the staff of Windy City and the owners and operators of the hardware from any responsibility concerning terms and names brought forth by your character.

For the purposes of continuity, the only characters from the books that exist are the seven members of the Parisian Vampire Council, Unseelie Queen Andais, and Seelie King Taranis (although the latter two are often referred to as 'Titania' and 'Oberon', or 'Oona' and 'Fin Bheara', with the queen also often known as 'Mab' or 'Aoife').

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