Divine Torture
Divine Torture's Information
Type: BDSM Club
Rating: Five star (due to exoticness)
Location: 2288 Ashland Avenue
Fame: n/a
Atmosphere: Odd
Owner(s): Damion
Manager(s): n/a
Employee(s): See Below

Stepping into the parlor, one might at first question if they are in the proper places. The ceiling is high, decorated with elaborate crown molding in the shape of a spread fan. Dark cherry wood Wainscotting rests on the lower half of the walls, a delicate cream wallpaper touched with faint images of golden gilded leaves above. The floors are a rich cherry, much like that of the Wainscotting on the walls. The center focus of the room seems to be a large marble fireplace with a lovely wooden mantle covered in vanilla scented candles in all shapes and sizes. On the wall behind the candles is a large golden framed mirror. Resting on the floor before the fireplace is a large spread fan of rich midnight silk, plaited with trailing crimson roses.

Seating areas can be found all over the parlor room, taking up whatever floor space is not claimed by the various and numerous tables that hold statues, photos of what pleasures might be found inside in rich gilded frames, old birdcages holding dried flowers, seashells, or other such trinkets. Hanging from golden tassels are elaborate paintings showing the more carnal side of the human nature and the many kinks that draw people to this club. Disregarding the nature of the pictures, the parlor is a true Victorian parlor in it's decadence and elegance. Of note is the rich mahogany desk that rests in one corner near the fireplace that displays the Menu Marquees. One displays the various events and a directory of the club, while the other is a listing of the simple, but important, rules of behavior.


Among the staff, pictures of Eric and Wesley, or descriptions if pictures were unavailable, have been distributed. All staff should have this information and are under orders that should either of these men show up, they are not to engage them, but to call the police as quickly as they can. These men are not allowed in the private areas nor the members areas and all security codes and locks have been updated and changed to insure better safety for said staff and members of the club. If you are effected by these rules, please RP accordingly.


1 Pink Parlor Lobby
2 Leather Lounge Bar
3 Velvet Vestry Restaurant
4 Chain Chamber Dance club
5 Abalone Altar Performance space
6 To Basement Private
7 To 2nd Floor Members Only
8 Member's Lounge Members Only
9 Sanctum of Swords Members Only "Recreation" room
10 Boudior of Bindings Members Only "Recreation" room
11 Lecturn of Lashing Members Only "Recreation" room
12 Lush Lawn Outside
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