Doyle /from the books/


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Doyle: part Pooka, part sidhe, part hound of the wild hunt: Yes we are using him, because everyone would love to play with Doyle!

Desc: …when Doyle wanted to, he moved like the fall of night itself, soundless, weightless, undetectable until you realized the light was gone and you were alone in the dark with something you couldn't see. His nickname was the Queen's Darkness, or simply Darkness. The Queen would say, "Where is my Darkness? Bring me my Darkness," and this meant that soon someone would bleed, or die…. Doyle was black. Not the black of human skin, but he complete blackness of the midnight sky. He didn't vanish in the darkened room, because he was darker than the moonlit shadows,…His black jeans and black T-shirt fit his body like a second skin…CoT 3-4

Doyle stats

Full Name: Doyle
Age: 2000 Apparent Age: 25
Sex: m Race: Fae
Experience: 0 Birthdate: Jun 20 0008 <264 days away>
------— Stats ------—-

Physical: 45 Mental: 32 Perception: 30
Muscle: 45 Logic: 25 Senses: 35
Fitness: 45 Creativity: 20 Observation: 35
Reflexes: 45 Willpower: 50 Memory: 20

Power: 40 Wounds: 0/95
Glamour: 18 Drain: -0

------— Skills ------

Animal handling…….10 Interrogation………10 Melee weapons………45
Occult…………….10 Stealth ….40 Thrown weapons……..45 Unarmed combat……..45
Wilderness survival…20 Wilderness tracking…20

------ Abilities -------

Darkness magic……..40 Flesh magic………..40 Masking…………….20
Sensitive…………..15 Magical ability=25

+cnote=Doyle is the Captain of the Raven's the queen's guard. As such he has been at her beck and call for 1000 years, and for that time held celibate by her orders.

+cnotes= Hand of Power: Doyles hand of power is the green flame. This flame is magical and is not "dampened" by normal manners. It requires his touch to burn. The first round of uninterrupted touching with the flame active has a damage of ….

+cnote= Spiders :Doyle has control over spiders. And as a distance attack he can send spiders to live under someones skin, if the spell is not interrupted this attack can be deadly…..

+cnote Healing= Doyle can heal others but only by licking their wounds. The queen gave him a petname of "sweet tongue" referring to this fact. This is a fairly unknown ability he has and he is unlikely to share it. With his licking the wound he can heal 3 pts of damage per round of poses.

+cnote phobia=Doyle while growing used to being around humans, has an almost phobic fear of flying, or being in public transportation devices. Even cars irritate him.

+cnote carries Snick and Snack two daggers that never miss.

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