Drew's Vitals
Name: Andrew Keawe
Race: WereBear
Shortdesc: A big guy with dreadlocks
Position: Unknown
Fame: None
Temperament: Stoic
Themesong: Citizen Erased - Muse
Jason Momoa as Andrew Keawe


All information below is OOC unless you have IC reason to know it.

Andrew Keawe was an only child, born 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Norwalk, Iowa by his mother. His father was a Native Hawaiian and his mother was of German, Irish, and Native American ancestry who separated shortly after he was born. His childhood was otherwise serene and perfectly normal.

He joined the police in Iowa, aged 21, and earned his status as a detective by the age of 25, having been in several incidents with the preternaturals of that area and then he became infected with the bear strain by accident, a swipe across his stomach during a fight.

After recovering, there was the usual debate about retirement and to all external groups, Drew retired, slipping away into the shadows of Los Angeles. In actual fact, he was one of a few trial undercover officers used by the Vice Squad there to infiltrate various gangs. The theory was that, since it is common knowledge that people are retired from the police if they are infected, they would be less suspicious of a bitter excop. This worked well enough, with explorations through the shadowed worlds of porn, drugs, gangs and other criminal activities. As with so many deep undercover people, Drew lied with ease, comfortable with the life he was living and even forming actual friendships with some of those in that life.

It was there that he met Dana and Finnley, being involved in the group that tracked the psychic experimenter that had held Finnley and others. It took both of them to talk the babbling psychic down, and Drew took some time out to be with Finnley and help him readjust. There was a brief fling, and a friendship that continues to this day.

Finn returned to life, and Drew back to his work, remaining there until this day. A bust gone wrong, he took the chance of the change in city for a change in scenery, claiming to be fleeing justice to his other contacts. He was, and is, unaware that Dana and Finnley are also in Chicago.

Standing at 6'4" (1.93m) in his bare feet, Drew is a distinctive and formidable figure, the bear strain mingling with his own habit of staying in shape to ensure bulk that matches the height.


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