Drugs & Preters


Since the metabolism of a vampire bears little resemblance to those of the living, very few drugs work with the same potency on a vampire as with a living person. Generally, a vampire can only attempt such experiences by means of a supernatural psychic connection (as can be found in Marking), or by consuming the blood of someone already on drugs. Note that for a vampire to get tipsy off of the blood of a tipsy person, the vampire would have to consume an entire body's worth of tipsy-blood.

There have been reported instances of a vampire feeling some "extra effects" from feeding off of an individual with preternatural powers (EG: being more aware of local thermodynamics after feeding off of a pyrokinetic, being more aware of local spacial situations after feeding off of a telekinetic, more aware of themselves after feeding off of an animator or necromancer, etc..), but generally this seems to be limited to those with Alternate Feeding, and when the fed-off-of person is of high power, and not to any productive result.

Injected chemicals really do nothing for the most part to vampires, since their new metabolism really only draws from substances in what was roughly the stomach. Digested attempts are restricted by the standard vampire food restrictions.


The shifter hyper-active healing rate tends to prevent most chemicals from producing noteworthy effects on most lycanthropes. Much as how an injury that would require X days to heal in a normal person would only require X minutes to heal in a shifter, the scale for "Drinks in X hours" becomes "Drinks in X seconds" for most shifters.

For those wondering about the effects of catnip on a were-cat, mundane lions, leopards, snow leopards, and jaguars are about the only greatcats affected by catnip (and obviously housecats). Since were-greatcats generally have a far more human level of reasoning than mundane greatcats, the mind-altering effects on those shifters are far far less. The dosages required are also far higher, given the body mass difference, as well as the aforementioned healing factor scrubbing the shifter's blood and making it wear off much faster. Other types of were-greatcats (so, everything but the lion, leopard, snow leopard, jaguar, and housecat lycanthropic strains) aren't affected whatsoever.


Much like many other traits involving the fae, it varies from fairy to fairy how any drugs will work on them. Some fae might get drunk on alcohol unless it's daytime (in which case they're immune), some might only get drunk if it's in a wooden glass, some might get drunk off of bleach instead of alcohol, some might get drunk normally.

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