Dylan's Vitals
Name: Dylan Michael James
Race: Wereleopard
Shortdesc: A short, fit young man with dark hair and eyes.
Position: Holder (briefly) of many part-time jobs.
Fame: None yet.
Temperament: Sardonic, sarcastic, challenging.
Themesong: Goodnight Moon - Shivaree
Cody Longo as Dylan Michael James

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Sparring, Verbal and Otherwise
Waffles, No Syrup
Hot Coffee, Cold Eyes and Heated Words


Mundane Life

Dylan Michael James was born into a fairly comfortable middle-class California family. His mother is Mexican American and his father Caucasian and like many such unions, their house was cheerfully and casually bilingual. Trilingual if one counts the fact that his sister was born deaf and everyone in the family also learned ASL. Dylan is the youngest of four siblings, all named after poets. His brothers Robert and Jack and sister Maya were named after Frost, Kerouac and Angelou respectively, whereas he was named after Dylan Thomas. Both parents are professionals, with his dad being a literary critic and editor and his mom a civil rights attorney.

Growing up was basically easy for Dylan. Blessed with some degree of self-confidence, good looks, a middle-class family and suburban setting, he didn't really need for anything, though he didn't always get what he wanted. Staunchly liberal and socially aware, The James parents made sure their children had something of a social awareness and sense of responsibility for their relative privilege. Thus it is probably not surprising that Both Robert and Maya decided to follow in their mother's footsteps as lawyers (with an eye on civil law) and Jack decided to get a medical degree.

Dylan himself was always attracted to journalism and for his senior year project (hoping to pad out his resume to help land a good college) he decided to go on a blogging and photo-journalism tour of Mexico. It was a decision that would change his life. Just not as he expected.

Dylan's trip eventually took him to Ciudad Juarez, (over the objections of everybody from his parents to the Mexican police) arguably the worst and most brutal city in North America. With upwards of two thousand homicides and permanent disappearances a year, the brutally poor city is a hunting ground for predators both preternatural and human. And a largely Anglo looking kid with an expensive camera and a laptop, traveling alone? The only question was who would get to him first. Dylan wanted to capture the hardscrabble and desperate lives of the citizens there. He didn't expect to get quite such a first hand show.

The Pard who decided he was easy meat were just barely able to pass for human for the most part and the less said about the next few days and nights, the better. Dylan claims that he doesn't remember much at all, just that he somehow got away and stumbled onto a highway, broken and bleeding from wounds that should have killed him. He healed, of course and by the time the Mexican hospital authorities realized they had a shapeshifter on their hands, he'd been removed from the hospital and disappeared.

Life as a Leopard

The Pard that snatched Dylan from the hospital before his condition could be quietly 'cured' with a silver bullet in the skull (a practice common to the more economically depressed and lawless sections of the third world) was not the same one that accidentally turned him while playing with their food.

Run by a tough but caring couple (Rita and Sam Alvarez), they taught Dylan what he needed to know to survive and thrive and brought him largely back to himself after a very dark first few months. Fairly migratory, their Pard took a sojourn in the deep forests of the Mexican state of Durango while training Dylan and another young leopard.

After a couple of years with the Pard, Dylan was restless and decided to head home. His reception was not what he expected. His parents had long feared him dead and when he explained the circumstances of his survival, he found that their liberal streak didn't quite extend to having a son who was possibly a danger to them and the rest of their community in the house. He wasn't thrown out or disowned or anything quite that dramatic but his parents quietly made it clear that both they and he would be more comfortable if he were 'with his own kind'. Taking his college fund in cash, when offered, Dylan took the offer and left, apparently for good.


Dylan was always a mischievous and happy-go-lucky kid and traces of that are still evident in his personality. He has a sardonic, sarcastic sense of humor and some real whimsy to go with it. However, the circumstances of his infection (which he rarely, if ever, talks about) have left him with a nasty cruel streak on occasion and and something of a challenging nature. He isn't a rebel, per se, or a loner. He will happily fit into his place in the social pecking order of the Pard. As long as it is proven to him by both instinct and action that he should. His leopard (like other shifters) has a good idea of who is more powerful and thus should be dominant to him. His human side is a little (and very quietly) screwed up and demands proof of that instinct before he'll settle down. That generally results in a series of escalating challenges, ranging from putting himself in more dominant postures, stealing food from people's plates, verbal backtalk and disrespect all the way up to getting more physical until and unless he is put into his place, so to speak. Once that dominance is established, however, he tends to settle down (in regards to that particular person) and has no resentment or problem considering them the boss.

Right now, Dylan is drifting. He never actually went to college and has taken a series of low-end jobs while supplementing his income from his college bonds to stay afloat, if not live particularly well. He has little structure in his life and everything seems on hold. On one hand, he's now fairly well a textbook monster, to his way of thinking. On the other hand, there are a lot of advantages to being what he is.

In terms of maturity, he's really still back at that late teenage 'finding himself' phase and with proper mentoring (and maybe a kick in a rump) there is still a chance he can make something of himself.

Quirks and Misc

  • Dylan is a serious closet geek. He just keeps his shameful addictions to comics, SF/F and anime well to himself.
  • Sleeps with a light on. He doesn't make a thing out of it. He just leaves them on when possible.
  • Regrets never having gotten a tattoo before he was infected.

Preternatural Stuff and Skills

Like many other Preternatural creatures, shapeshifters especially, Dylan's senses have been enhanced to a large degree.

  • His sense of hearing is keen enough to detect sounds below (in volume) and above (in pitch) the human range. Most shifters can even hear the heartbeats of those in the same room.
  • Even in human form he can scent the biochemical changes that go into lying (sometimes), fear, lust and other emotions that release hormones and pheromones. Unlike wolves or Lukoi, he is not a proficient hunter by scent, though he can distingush between the scents of several different people in the same area.
  • His eyesight is excellent and like most cat shifters, his dark-vision is better than a normal human.
  • Perhaps a psychosomatic remnant of the tastebuds he has in leopard form, Dylan dislikes 'sweet' flavors and his sense of taste is very acute.
  • Like other shifters, Dylan can sense the beasts of others as well as the 'scent' of preternatural power possessed by another person. Usually.


Name Notes
Forest Nimir-Raj. Seems a little on the nice side for his job. Worrisome.
Zack Nimir-Ra! Co Raj? Something. Too soft-hearted towards his favorites.
Grace Feisty. Grumpy. Old school. I like calling her 'Auntie Grace'. Not nice. But interesting.
Cale Fellow newbie. Fellow seeker. A guy. Doesn't push too hard. Likable.
Jeremy Another damaged one. And now a roomie, too. Hopefully I can help a little.
Auranna Fights well. Close enough in strength and skill that we're going be going round and round, I suspect.
Keith He and I are going to go 'round and 'round it seems. Too softhearted but okay in a fight.
Elias Interesting. Musical. Laid back. Good company.
Frank Pretty much everything an alpha should be. Steady. Absolutely worth listening to.
Dominique Don't know much about her but she keeps good company. And a clean house.
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