Dyson Weiss (aka Dyson Sinclaire)'s Vitals
Name: Dyson Weiss
Race: Were-Crocodile
Shortdesc: An albino with long hair and a taste in reptilian skin clothes
Position: Programer and Web designer, Cafe Owner, and White Sobki of the Medinet el-Faiyum Bask.
Fame: Owner of the cafe:Polychrome. An establishment that has provided a form of neutrality for many Therians over the past many years.
Temperament: It takes a LOT to ruffle this one. For the most part he seems eerily calm, even in high stress situations, as if conserving his energy. Sometimes people will go as far as to call him distant.. But there is a fire in his red eyes. A passion which can't be denied. And when he /does/ lose his temper? Beware
Themesong: "Alligator" by The Grateful Dead
Matt Smith as //Dyson Weiss


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Dyson Weiss, an albino, arrived to Chicago in September 2001 with a large duffel bag over his shoulder and a super cool looking laptop under his arm and never looked back. Known in many some circles as an extrememly programmer and designer it was rumored that after years of hacking in his youth and then more subesquent years working on DARPA contracts he left the government funded (and well paying) software projects and decided to enter the private sector. To many people's surprise he opened an internet cafe, not a dot.com, which has been actually profitable. It is said he has fairly deep finances stemming from continuing private technical projects for clients, good investing over the years, revenues and an inheritance. He has been married to Jaedynn Shadowdancer, a local lingerie designer whom he has modelled for on occasion, for a little over two years. They have a 5 year old daughter together. They have recently separated, though amicably.

Dyson Weiss is a Crocadylidae, or Werecroc/WereAlligator, and he is a Sobki (Alpha Leader) of the Medinet el-Faiyum (Fallen Sun) Bask (tribe). Werecrocs are a very rare form of therian in this day, remaining rather low key when at all possible. Like many of the alpha crocs, Dyson tries not to make any waves. He doesn't fight for territory, instead negotiating for what little he requires. He offers therians (and most preternaturals) a neutral place to gather and socialize (in this case the Cafe://polychrome)). He has, for the most part, stayed completely out of preternatural politics except for making rather large monetary contributions to Therian related causes (like clinics).


Jeremy: Dyson's good friend and constant customer at the cafe://polychrome
Kai: A member of Dyson's Bask.

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