Edieron's Vitals
Name: Edieron James Owens
Race: Human
Shortdesc: A frail appearing youth with raven hair.
Position: Ward of Ayden
Fame: None Yet
Temperament: Shy and awkward, but friendly once you get to know him.
Themesong: None Yet
Gaspard Ulliel as Edieron James Owens


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Long, almost shoulder length, raven-black hair frames an oval face, stray strands always seeming to fall into his large, coal-black eyes. Pale skin is made even more dramatic by the stark black of his hair and long eyelashes. Appearing on the thin side, he walks with his head bent down and shoulders slumped a little, as though trying to hide from peoples gazes. When he does look up a certain shyness can be seen in his gaze and smile. He wears a pair of jeans that are loose over his hips, a deep blue t-shirt and a pair of simple tennis shoes.

History Overview

Growing up on the streets of Chicago, Edieron made do as best he could. He was the only child of Brad and Gwen Owens, and in his younger years life was good. He was into sports from an early age, basketball being his favorite and he would spend hours and hours a day out playing with his friends. When Edieron was 12 his father lost his job as an accountant and a few short months later his family was homeless. Living on the streets was hard for all three of them, but they made do and life went on, staying in the shelter as often as they could. His father tried to find employment but during their first winter he had a massive heart attack, ending in the ICU for weeks before passing away. With no money for a funeral or grave plot, his father was cremated, his mother carried the ashes for the next several months until she too passed away.

This left Edieron to fend for himself. At first he was placed into foster homes…..

Stuff happened!





Coming Soon




Coming Soon


Ayden Guardian Took Edi in when the boy needed a place.
Mike Guardian Found Edi nearly frozen, takes care of the boy with a fierce protectiveness. Has since returned to Boston.



RP Hooks

*Edi likes to play pool at the Basement.
*Edi enjoys dancing and going out to clubs, even if he is underage.

Misc Other Stuff

  • Edi's personality has had a sudden change recently, wonder why.


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