Eleanor's Vitals
Name: Eleanor Francis Wickham
Race: Human Psychic
Shortdesc: 5'9", long blonde hair, green eyes, 30s.
Position: Public: Detective Sgt. - Homicide (Forensics Specialist) - CPD
Fame: Daughter of a 30 year CPD veteran.
Temperament: Workaholic, highly professional, reserved.
Themesong: Hometown Glory - Adele / Dream - Priscilla Ahn
Anna Torv as Eleanor Francis Wickham


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Eleanor lived in Chicago from the age of five, through finishing college, in a single parent home. Her father, Frank, was a beat cop in the Chicago PD, who became a detective and retired after 30 years of service. She went to public elementary and high school (Class of 1994), and then attended Loyola University's Forensic Science program with a minor in Biology (class of 1998). She then moved to San Diego. She returned in the fall of 2007 and worked for the Chicago PD as a CSI specialized in forensics. She was transferred to Homicide Division a year later and assigned as the partner of Detective Sgt. Brian Hadley. On March 29, 2010 she was promoted to Detective Sergeant .

The Chicago PD members especially those in the CSI, Cold Case, and Forensics groups, would know she was a member of the San Diego PD for 9 years, five of those spent with their RPIT group as a detective. She is heavily trained in Forensics, preternatural sciences, and the occult and her files would note she is a Clairvoyant Sensitive. She spent most of her childhood and formative years in Chicago. Her father is retired now but was a member of the Chicago PD for 30 years. She spent a year helping with forensic applications on Cold Cases before coming into her recent position as a Homicide detective. During that year, she helped solve a nine year old cold case of a victim murdered by a Vaudun controlled zombie, the raiser of which was paid by the victim's ex-boyfriend to murder her. She received a commendation for her work on this case. After the Origami Killer Case of 2010, she was promoted to Detective Sergeant. She has received some notable awards, the Lambert Tree Medal for her work on the 2010 ghouls influx cases, and the FOP Distinguished Service Award and Blue Star for the Origami Killer case.

Former Human Vargamor of the Spirit Rock Pack. Eleanor is a Clairvoyant psychic who was appointed by the Ulfric, Monty, in March of 2010. She departed the pack after he was Usurped in absentia by Jacob Kramer. She is on good terms with Robert Moye, current Ulfric of Chicago, and they have worked cooperatively on law enforcement cases affecting the pack. She is the human mate of Monty Harris, who has returned to membership within the Spirit Rock Pack.


Eleanor is a workaholic who is extremely organized and works best under someone who is not lax or overly casual. She is an excellent leader when it comes to forensics, but knows she is not an expert in other types of field work and willingly defers to those who are. She still holds a heavy bias against Vaudun practitioners, and has a sincere loathing of zombies and ghouls (and maybe a bit of fear of them), although she's come to accept most other preternaturals in general. When on duty she tends to come off as coldly polite, although she might be more properly viewed as rigidly professional. She is slightly less uptight off duty, but even those who become friends find it rare to see her really unwind and have fun. Her sense of humor is a little lacking at times, but it's balanced by a strong sense of compassion, especially for those most in need.

She relaxes best when working, and discussing work or her fields of expertise. She is least comfortable when discussing personal relationships. She doesn't openly advertise her psychic ability, but she disclosed it to the police department when she joined, so it is in her file, accessible to her superiors on the force. Those she will share it with readily are those who are struggling with their own abilities. She had a lot of help from her mother to be able to accept herself as being more than human, and she tries to pay that forward. Professionalism is her personal creed, and she will rarely breach that except in cases where adherence to protocol puts those she cares for at risk. The only time she seems to let down her walls is when she is off duty, or mentally or physically exhausted. Much of what she presents even at those times is what she's decided for herself is a proper amount of sharing to be sociable.

Most people who know her don't remember her having many romantic relationships. She dated some in high school, and had a six month long college romance that ultimately failed due to her lack of effort to sustain it. She was always more interested in her studies and her work than any kind of non-family relationships. Because of this, she's a bit of a hard nut to crack when it comes to friendship, let alone anything more. It isn't impossible to do, but don't expect her to be painting your toenails and gossiping overnight. The one person who did manage the long and arduous trials to getting close to Eleanor is Monty Harris, whom she has been romantically involved with since January of 2010.

She lives modestly and conservatively. She is very close to her family members residing in the city, and her boyfriend. Her father is a retired detective and has a single family home there. Eleanor visits him frequently, and they have dinner together weekly. Beth, the eldest of her step-siblings via her mother, moved to Chicago a year before Eleanor with her accountant husband George and young daughter Maddie. They see each other often, and she occasionally babysits Maddie for the couple on their sporadic date nights. What little free time she has is usually spent with [[[monty|her boyfriend]]. These are the people she is the most natural around, and whom she is most comfortable with. She is also a practicing Catholic and attends Our Lady of Lourdes regularly.


Eleanor Francis Wickham was born in San Diego, California, on a rainy September day in 1976. Her mother, Edith, had fallen in love with her father, Frank, shortly after he returned from Vietnam in 1974 where he served for several tours with the US Army. Edith was a hippie, and intent on healing the spiritual wounds of the soldier who chose to enter the San Diego Police Department as a beat cop. They dated for a few months, then married quickly when it was discovered Edith was pregnant with Eleanor. Her earliest childhood wasn't very memorable, and she started life loved and cared for by her parents who were still fully smitten with each other. That all came to an end when she was five years old.

That was when Frank discovered that his wife was not just a hippie, but a psychic. He was horrified at the revelation, having grown up in a family with severe bias against all things that were more than human. He divorced Edith promptly and gained sole custody of Eleanor from a court biased against a former peaceful protestor of the Vietnam War who was arrested several times for it. Frank moved them both as far from his ex-wife as he could, all the way to Chicago, Illinois, where he had transferred into the police department as a detective. Edith was given very limited contact with her daughter, and Frank rarely spoke of her.

Eleanor was raised Roman Catholic, and taught to disapprove of magic and the supernatural in all its forms, even though she seemed to sense when a person was "different" in some way. Sensing didn't equate with understanding, and she learned to not bring it up to adults. She was a bright child, and became quickly obsessed with puzzles and riddles. Her father would present them to her as a game, and bought her magazines with all sorts of mysteries to solve. With a formerly military father, she was also raised to be neat and tidy, and that everything had its place. She'd carry both these things the rest of her days.


  • Montgomery Harris — Eleanor met the handsome man in January of 2010 at Starbucks, and later, when he helped her track down a vaporizer at S-Mart when she looked her absolute worst, he still asked her to dinner. After several dates and earning one another's trust, he asked her to be Vargamor of the Spirit Rock pack, and she accepted after some time to think. They're relationship overcame a few hurdles early on, and came out stronger for it. When he had to leave town to help his family, she stepped down as Vargamor when he was usurped in absentia, and they maintained a long distance relationship. He returned in 2011 but was banished to Wauconda and she stood by him and defended his reputation to his former pack to little avail. Then their new Ulfric died and he was allowed back into Chicago and the pack by the new Ulfric, Robert Moye. On Valentine's day 2011 they recommitted themselves to one another and a future together.
  • Frank Wickham(Father) A Vietnam veteran and retired 30 year vet of the Chicago Police Department, Frank still lives in the Chicago house Eleanor grew up in, bowls in the local leagues, and has dinner with his daughter once a week.
  • Bethesda "Beth" Andrews and Family(Half-Sister/Brother-In-Law/Niece) Beth is a romance novel writer (with the horrible pen name of "Delilah Dark") who lives with her husband, George (an accountant), and young daughter Maddie (future rainbow fairy princess jockey explorer), in Chicago. Eleanor babysits for them once in a while and they are close.
  • Edith Allen(Mother) A psychic with her own fortune-telling business (including a 900 number!), Edith lives in San Diego. She keeps in close touch with all her children (whom, other than Eleanor, were named after their cities of conception), and she is responsible for teaching Eleanor control over her powers.
  • Vancouver "Van" Allen and Dublin "Lin" Allen(Half-Brothers) Eleanor's youngest siblings are her two brothers, who are still residing in California at this time.


Recent Unfoldings

  • 02.08.11: Hyde Park Murder - Rob Interview - Eleanor calls Rob in to confirm his statements in the police report, and tries to dig into some information passed to her by Emerald.
  • 02.09.11: It Wasn't The Waffles - Eleanor and Hadley go to Der Luftwaffle Hause to interview Nero about the Hyde Park Shifter Murder. Nero flips out when he realizes Hadley is a vamp, and there are numerous shifters in the diner.
  • 02.11.11: Not Coming Home - Eleanor is called to a fresh crime scene on Jackson Street, to find that the mob that killed Alejandra Ramos has done the same to Joliea Oldman. She does her forensics work and the urgency to find the group of now serial killers ramps up.
  • 02.13.11: An Escape - Eleanor is called in to a third mob hate crime scene, out in Lincoln Park among the hiking trails, but this time the victim survived. The homeless shifter she'd given gloves to managed to fend off her attackers and escape. A break in the case? One can hope.
  • 02.14.11: Obayomi Case - Robert Interview - Eleanor takes a statement from Robert after the rogue shifter involved in the hate crimes uses his name to try and lure a victim.


"Take a pit bull. A potentially dangerous dog, right? But also known for being a great and loving pet. Nature vs. nurture. A strong owner who teaches the dog right from wrong, and where the limits and boundaries lie, ends up with a dog they can safely have around their family, friends, and the public. A weak owner who doesn't train the dog ends up in court after their family pet mauls someone. The /potential/ to do harm does not equal the /intent/ to do harm."
Eleanor to Leanna, Potential Versus Intent

"Maybe you're right. Maybe if I just think about something rote like the state capitals or the Fibonacci sequence while I fire, I can stop over-thinking the rest"Eleanor to Hadley, Phish in a Barrel

"The thing about police work is that we have to work based on someone's actions, not their race or species. We're about justice within the confines of the law. But we have to uphold that law, even if it protects the things we don't feel have a right to exist, or are abominations."
Eleanor to Alejandro, Paranoia

"So, was this a personal choice? Or should we be calling in a Marshal and introducing someone to the pointy end of a sharp stick?"
Eleanor to Hadley, Bloodlines

"If I had a dime for every homicide scene I've walked the grid on, where the perp didn't have to break a sweat to get to the victim because of their excessive faith in the integrity of a deadbolt from Home Depot, I could retire now."
Eleanor to Zeke, At Least He's Not The Tooth Fairy

"I was raised Catholic. I was taught that preternaturals were evil. It took some serious soul searching and some life experience to come to my own conclusion that evil was a choice, not a genetic mandate."
Eleanor to Rowan,Through The Looking Glass Pt. II


RP Hooks

I'm very open to characters having known or knowing family members of Eleanor. If you'd like to play some of them, please let me know!

  • Eleanor's father, Frank, is a retired 30 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. He was a detective and still lives in town. He raised Eleanor after divorcing his wife when their daughter was five. He is also a veteran of the US Army who did several tours in Vietnam. He and Eleanor are very close. He likely has friends and enemies who might come into play with Eleanor.
  • Eleanor's mother, Edith, was a hippie during the Vietnam War. She was divorced from Frank when Eleanor was five, and went on to have three other children, a daughter and two sons. Edith is a psychic and trained Eleanor to control her abilities. She lives in San Diego but keeps in touch. She might have other psychic students who come to Chicago.
  • Bethesda ("Beth"), the oldest of Eleanor's three half-sibling, is 7 years younger than her, is a romance novel writer married to an accountant named George, and has a six year old daughter named Maddie. They live in Chicago and are close to Eleanor.
  • Eleanor has two younger half-brothers, Vancouver ("Van") and Dublin ("Lin") in San Diego who are 9 and 11 years younger than her.



  • Awards Received:
    • Ribbons/Bars
      • Appearance Bar
      • Lambert Tree Medal (Ghouls Case)
      • Crisis Intervention Team Bar
      • Department Commendation
      • Fitness Bar
      • FOP Distinguished Service Award
      • Police Blue Star Award (Origami Killer Case)
      • Special Service Award (Inter-departmental Forensics Education)
    • Ribbon Appurtances
      • Gold Star (For Honorable Mentions)
  • Eleanor was promoted to Detective Sergeant on March 29, 2010, for her work on the Origami Killer case.
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