Electra's Vitals
Name: Electra Ann Reese
Race: Human Magic
Shortdesc: 5'8" 120 pounds. Straight red hair, emerald green eyes. Athletic build, tan skin.
Position: CPD Homicide Detective
Fame: Police
Temperament: Short Tempered.
Themesong: Papa Roach - Forever
Ariel as Electra Ann Reese


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Electra Ann Reese born to David Reese and Cathrine Reese in Chicago, circa 1985. Both of Electra's Parents were Chicago City Police Department. As such Electra can remember many times as a child watching her parents discuss the day at the dinner table while cleaning their firearms. Electra's Mother and Father both worked different precent's as being married did not allow them to work in the same chain of command. Electra's childhood was quiet and cozey, being mommy and daddy's only little girl..they showered her with affection and love. She spent her childhood in normal schooling from elementry to highschool. Growing up around the police force, with officers from both precent's her parents worked with knowing her and watching her grow.

Unfortunatly, extreme tragedy would befall Electra near her 16th birthday. Her parents having went out shoping, and leaving her home alone to prepair for her birthday and spend time with her friends, were both killed in a motor vehicle accident. From what she knows the bad weather, combined with a faulty break line in her parent's vehicle caused the crash. The report having stated that the vehicle lost traction and swereved unconrollably into the guard rails of the Dan Ryan Expressway and ended up rolling and nearly taking 4 other vehicles on the road with it. The death of Electra's parents was crushing to her, and to the police force of Chicago. Loosing two officers to a non-line of duty accident devistated the Force.

Despite all this however, Electra grew into a capable young woman. She was taken in by man by the name of Johnathan Nash. Mr. Nash had served with both Electra's Parents and he been a close friend of the family for some time, and had taken it upon himself to see to it she continued to grow. Even with the death of her parents, Electra choose to pursue a carrer in Law Enforcement, in hopes of living up to her parents legacy.

Electra applied for and was accepted to the Universtiy of Illinoi at age 18. She entred the UIC's Criminology, Law and Justice program and maintained a hard working, hard pressed party free lifestyle for the majority of her college life. Recieving a Bacelor's of Science (B.S) in Criminology, Law and Justice at age 22. From age 22 to age 23 Electra saw fit to take a small break from study and law and choose to strike out on her own. Leaving John behind, getting a decent paying job as a legal assitant and finding an apartment and vehicle on her own. At 23, Electra's call to the force was to great for her to ignore. She joine the CPD's police academy and graduated 3rd in her class.

Electra is now currently assigned to Chicago's ORginized Crime Divsion, in the Vice Control Squad. Her self-sufficent attitude, and want to be like her parents has made this posting something she can not stand. She is verabal about the situation to fellow officers, and sometimes to superiors to which she usally apologies to. She's a stuborn and mule headed woman now, with a bit of an anger problem and a fowl mouth. More then likely caused be her ending up as a police officer but not as she inteneded.

January 14th, 2011
Electra was shot while undercover by Mr Gaberiel Henders. His shooting of a CPD police officer ensured his conviction. Electra was offered a position in the gun cage working for SWAT. Her injuries were sevier but she has managed a full recovery. Electra still has ambitions to get into CPD Homicide as a full detective. She has yet to recieve her shield. She is still a rookie cop that has had some bad luck. Henders, was a known proponet of a local flesh trade and prostatution racket. Electra was comended and awarded for her role in his arrest, and her subsequent shooting.

Died from Injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident on Friday, May 27th, 2011.

Awards and Citations

Department Emblem of Recognition - Awarded to Officer Electra Ann Reese for Exlimprary Uniform and Fitness Standards.
Apperance Bar - Awarded for outstanding uniform apperance
Fitness Bar - Awarded for outstanding Fitness
Police Blue Star - Awarded to Officer Electra Ann Reese for Inujries Sustained in the Line of Duty.
Police Medal - Awarded to Officer Electra Ann Reese from the SuperIntendant for Recieveing the "Police Blue Star"


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