Electric Pussycat
Electric Pussycat's Information
Type: Dance Club
Rating: 3 Stars
Location: 368 Blue Island Avenue
Fame: The Firepole
Atmosphere: Lots of Neon
Owner(s): Isabella
Manager(s): Stormy
Employee(s): N/A


The Electric Pussycat Club is nearly a caricature of its own time — or an unsubtle condensation of its essence. The block-wide building is a converted warehouse, squat and two-storied. The tables, scattered at haphazard intervals around the building's perimeters, are shaped like flowers and surrounded not by chairs but by padded benches of different lengths and colors. Black lights in hidden corners bleach the white piping that twists around the table legs and renders the petals and paisley twists of both upholstery and the clothing of the patrons into stark, blistering neon. In the northwest corner, a circular wrought-iron staircase winds its way to the second floor; a functional firepole descends through a hole in the northeast ceiling.

The center of the dance floor itself is a raised dais that runs the length of the room, like a model's runway. Blocks and boxes atop it, in myriad shapes, afford additional height for those who wish to dance above the crowds. The bar runs along the west side of the building. The barstools, like the chairs and couches scattered around the generous room, resemble flowers. In one corner is the stage on which bands of local distinction play; when they take their breaks or on their rare nights off, the music pumped in over the loudspeakers is rhythmic and intense. On a back corner of the runway is a go-go cage, not suspended but resting on a riser. The cage's door does not lock, and steps lead up to it from the back. The cage itself is large enough to hold three dancers.


Isabella Ravensworth


Stormy Sullivan


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