Elias Callahan
Elias Callahan's Vitals
Name: Elias Callahan
Race: WereLeopard
Shortdesc: 5'5" muscular, dark haired goofball
Position: Owns Riff's Guitar Depot
Fame: Local musician
Temperament: jovial and a little dumb
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Austin Drage as Elias Callahan


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Elias was born February 14, 1990, at Chicago Memorial Hospital to Walter and Caitlyn Callahan. Walter was a prominent lawyer, and Caitlyn was a pediatrician, making them quite wealthy. Just moments later, his identical twin Justin followed. Elias and Justin grew up in the heart of the city, their parent's owning a condominium on the 72nd floor of the Walter Hancock building. They lived life large and luxurious, never wanting for anything.

Walter had always believed the Callahan family legacy was something to be proud of, with a time-honored tradition of excellence and prominence in the legal industry. A long line of well-educated lawyers fills the family history, and everything a Callahan does from the moment of birth onward should be done in preparation for fulfilling that familial legacy. Justin and Elias were lectured their whole lives about exactly what they were to do with their lives. His expectations for the two boys were just as strict, and he was stern and uncompromising in his administration of those expectations onto Elias and Justin. Anything less was unacceptable.

Justin was the smart twin, always bringing home the perfect grades, doing above average in sports and living up to all of the expectations Walter Callahan placed on the boys. Elias, however, wasn't nearly as academically gifted as Justin. He was certainly popular at school, smiling, charming and boisterous, but his grades were just poor. He also began having seizures at the age of 6, and has been on medication to help prevent further epilepsy attacks ever since, though he still has them periodically.

Athletically, Elias was faster and more agile than Justin, which meant he excelled past his twin in sports. As such, Elias spent a lot of his youth working out and pushing himself physically, hoping if he couldn't get straight 'A's, that maybe being the greatest in sports would please his father enough. He became the star quarterback and the captain of the soccer team. While he certainly had no difficulty scoring goals or cheerleaders, he still struggled to keep his grades high enough to stay on the teams. Nearly every day, Elias would be barraged by his father with the question of why he couldn't be more like his brother. Walter Callahan expected the whole package, or it was failure.

Caitlyn saw the frustration Elias felt early on in the competition with Justin, and tried to reach out to him. When Elias was seven, she began teaching him to play piano. He quickly caught on, and began to branch out into other instruments. Between lessons, Elias would sit at the piano for hours singing, and eventually taught himself to play the guitar. By the time he was in high school, he was playing small gigs and parties around town on nights he didn't have football or soccer games. None of this made Walter happy.

Teenage Years

By the time graduation came in 2007, both of the Callahan twins had earned scholarships. Justin' was academic based, heading for Harvard, and Elias's was for soccer at University of Illinois. As Justin continued to excel in his father's footsteps, Elias partied. He discovered Ecstasy, drank, got caught stealing a professor's car while high, and helped organize every fraternity prank he was involved in. He was also spending his study time pursuing his music, playing gigs all over campus and using them to bed as many sorority girls as he could. While his mother was quietly supportive, after discussing it with his father, it was decided that 'rock star' would not be the best of careers for a Callahan, and Walter even further rejected Elias.

In late December of 2008, Caitlyn and Walter drove to pick up Justin from Harvard for Christmas break. While Elias was on a train headed back to Chicago, their car was struck by a semi, and Caitlyn was killed instantly. Justin was left in a coma, barely clinging to life, while the relatively uninjured Walter stood vigil beside his favorite son. By the time Elias arrived, Justin was dead.

Walter blamed Elias, simply because he could. Elias was simply a reminder to the man of everything he had lost. Elias simply took the increase in verbal and emotional abuse, partly because he knew fighting his father would help nothing, and partly because he felt so lost without his twin.

Becoming Leopard

Elias returned to school, but his already terrible grades fell even more. He partied even more, and played music even later. Finally, one night in March, he wandered away from a party. He was so high and drunk, he doesn't remember what happened that night after he left the frat house. The next morning he awoke in a field, several miles from the university, his left leg bloody and torn. A week later, he changed for the first time.

For the rest of the semester, he floundered, distracted by training with the pack that made him. Still reeling from the deaths in his family, he dropped out of school, and decided used the inheritance from his mother's death to open a music store. When he returned to Chicago in late summer of 2009 to pitch the idea to his father, Walter was furious, and refused to allow him to move back home to the condo.

Back to ChiTown

Elias spent the next few months looking for an apartment, working out the business issues, and then getting the business ready to open. In January of 2010, Elias opened his store on Clark Street, just north of Belmont, and is trying to make sure it's successful. On weekends, he plays small gigs and open mic nights. He's also beginning to seek out local wereleopards now that his life has settled a bit, in an attempt to become part of that society that calls to him. In between all of this, he occasionally seeks his father for approval, but he's nearly always met with lectures, dissatisfaction and disappointment. Even with all of the abuse, getting his father's approval is still the most important goal in his life.



Name Notes
Forest Nimir-Raj. Takes his pack position too seriously. Doesn't understand the difference between submission and respect.
Zack Nimir-Ra. Seemed like a pretty cool cat. Get it? Cat. Heh.
Tripp Sex addict. Stripper. His obsession with cock and openness about it is a little creepy.
Elias Totally awesome.
Dylan Makes me not feel so alone. He followed me home one night and now I want to keep him.


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