Elizabeth's Vitals
Name: Elizabeth Louise Bauldin
Race: Caucasian female
Shortdesc: A tall, willowy woman with sable hair
Position: Animator
Fame: Looking to find myself rather than everyone else.
Temperament: Quiet, reserved, contemplative. Feisty.
Themesong: Living La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin, Mad mad world a cover by Gary Jules
Odette Yustman as Elizabeth Louise Bauldin


WARNING: The following information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless you have the IC means to access it.

General: Elizabeth is an animator from South Louisiana. Not just anywhere in Louisiana but the ghost capitol herself, Nawlins'. She came into town in 2010 and enrolled in the University of Chicago under pre-med.

Animator: If it were not for Liz's friend, a Vodoun Priestess, and a follower of the teachings of Mme Laveau herself, she'd still would be lost as to her current path in life. Her family thought she was crazy, and so she spent ten years in a state institution. While there, she's put her focus into trying to figure out what she is as well as who.

Editor and Chief: Beware what you say about the little woman, she's the editor and chief of the college newsletter. She's straddling the fence of whether to be a doctor or just sell everyone's secrets to the tabloids. Well, not really. She's wanting to be a medical correspondence and see the world. That is, if she can figure out her little problem and a little control.

Faith: Elizabeth was raised Episcopalian, or how some affectionately dub it, Whiskepalians. Her studies in New Orleans led her to add a bit of Vodoun and Christianity to her methods. But even her extended stay at the hospital hasn't dampened her faith.



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