Elle Carter's Vitals
Name: Elise Elizabeth Carter
Race: Human
Shortdesc: 5'6, 112lbs, dark hair, dark eyes
Position: Vampire Activist, Mayor
Fame: Yes.
Temperament: Can be Temperamental.
Themesong: One Last Breath - Creed
Teri Hatcher (circa 1994-96) as Elise Elizabeth Carter



A politically active Researchist. She is probably known in the vampire circles as one who lobby's for their rights. Her mother Cynthia Carter was a main Activist in 1997 when the vote was pushed through. She was tireless in her pressure to the government for Vampire rights. 'Vampires are People, Too' became a big part of her slogan.

Elected Mayor of Chicago in 2008, following Jason Karoda's term. When called away from Chicago in 2011, Deputy Mayor Emily Darling became Mayor Pro Temp.

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Elle Carter has been in Chicago since mid 2006, except for her long absence back in New York to handle the affairs of Rodrigo's business.

Elle's mother Cynthia is a well-known name in the political circles of New York. She travels extensively down the East Coast to Washington DC. She also has many friends in the Vampiric Community and usually supports the Church of Eternal Life. Elle grew up around this and followed in her mother's footsteps. When, Elle's father was murdered, before she was born. It was her mother and her great-grandmother's contacts who found the killers and worked around the police. It was nice to have friends in high places. Such as the MoTC.

In 2007, Elle and her mother Cynthia went to Louisville, Kentucky and helped vampires be released from jail there. Media flocked all over this event and it was shown on national television.1

Elle is the Human Servant of Rodrigo Paes de Barros and holds three marks. She may also speak with his permission and blessing along with his authority when he is absent.


Rodrigo Elle's Master and Protector.
Samuel Good friend to Elle since she has been in Chicago.
Barbara A wonder with perfumes.
Savina A woman she can relate with on some level.
Koray Someone Elle does admire.
Alexander Nice and willing to help out.
Tobias Squick's her a little, but decent overall.
Derrick They don't seem to see eye-to-eye on things.
Lionel Definately an odd sort of fellow.


Elle gets a new car.

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